Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Its HIS wedding again...

Thanks Kok Wee the photographer who send me the pics... thank you very much!

Jerlin, Alex and Me, took some pics after the wedding, together with HIM also lah. HAhaha...

The event planners! Alex, Jerlin and Myself...

Alex, Jerlin, Kok Wee(photographer) and Myself... we are the Backstage support! Who didn't appear much in many photos...because we are running here and there lo!

Jerlin with her balloons...and Jerlin realised... hahha, we are both from Westlake Primary. But she's 2 years older, which means we were in the same session!

Alex the Mr. Da Ge... haha. Who says Man don't look good in balloons?

I'm trying very hard to open my eyes...scorching sun leh!

Alex and Jerlin... hmmm...=X

Kok Wee's zai photography... haha. Help Alex and Jerlin did a collarge on it...

I thought this photo with 4 of us looks nice... but Mr. XXX shall still remain secretive...hahahha.

Thanks Kok Wee for your effort in touching up these photos... you are the man!

Anyone getting married, events, functions.... feel free to approach him!!!

Here's kokwee website... its worth mentioning it again...!

kokwee's photography

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Nope...we are not filming 百家乐4, but we shifted out of hall today!

We won't survive without this Lorry...

And how can I live without my Roommate Tiensoon...haha

And the driver Jeremy, he's my secondary and JC school friend, who is coincidentally Tiensoon JC and Army friend... Jeremy, thanks ah! You know I really said it from my bottom of my heart, despite your busy schedule, you still offer your help to both of us. See you this Friday again!

TienSoon's heavy items...haha. On the way to Tien Soon's hse...

In the lift...

TienSoon showed me his fishtank... Haha, the little baby guppies that were grown in the hall last time, are living well in TienSoon's home!

And this is Tiensoon's father's collectible items...

Super shacked today... super... ahha...thanks Jeremy and Tiensoon for helping me also! HAhaha... see you guys on Friday for Dim Sum buffet! YooOOooHoOOo!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Mayday Concert and Mr. XXX wedding!

Exams over! But I'm super shagged today. Just coordinated one of my good buddy's wedding just now. Success! I'm very glad that he told us his friends thought was done by professional. Together with his university friends, we helped to decorate the whole place, and ensure the smooth flow of the event itself.

Well, before that, lets look at some stuffs that happened yesterday...

I went to Reece his hotel room and ball room yesterday with him in the afternoon and he explained to me what he wants...

Getting into the hotel room...

The flowers that will be put on every table..

Many many roses...all thanks to his mum.

The ball room...

The reception...

We also went to check out the solemnisation area @ the pool side...

Some wedding function going on there at the same time...

So after some discussion together with his uni friends, Alex and Jerdine, he sent me to Kallang Indoor Stadium for my long awaited.... MAYDAY CONCERT!

Met Songwei and Huiwen over there...

Initially Songwei and myself were sitting @ the wrong seats... we realised when we are sitting in the POOL of female fans. And thanks huiwen for her RESCUE... thanks for shouting " You all SIT WRONG PLACE LAH! " so loudly... thanks man...haha.


Guan you the drummer..

Mayday performing..

Ah Xin... haha. Quite closed to him..

I took this photo... and I actually realised...

My senior, Ding, went to the concert! HAHahHAHA... Ding, I know you read my blog... see, I feature you leh. HAHa..

The 5 of them... MAYDAY CONCERT, 成功!

Songwei, me and Huiwen...yes, its the Ah Wang Hairstyle...stop laffing.

After that, met up with my Hall friends, for supper. A gathering nite, for sophia sim, because she will be leaving on Monday, for her Philippines Voluntary Work...

Pris and Sophia..

Pris, and... Kellie, ONLY.

Justin demo-ing some dance? Pris seems to be taken off by his armpit smell...

Sophia Sim and Kellie

Hall Jokers unite!

Was quite tired...reached home around 4am...did some planning for his wedding, was thinking how to decorate, how to ensure smooth flow...only managed to sleep @ 5am. The bloody weather was so super hot...that I didnt "sleep" well, toss on the bed, before I realised the intensity of sleep...the sun has already shine on my butt...

Took a cab down...and managed to reach around 9.15am. Getting ready the balloons, the cupcakes, and Jerdine and Alex reached around same time too. Weather was super hot, but that was good, at least it didnt rain

3 of us was decorating the pool side area under the scorching sun. Haha, they didnt sleep much too. Slept for 2 hours as well, doing up the monarch for HIM.

Though I only know them yesterday only, haha...but it seem like we were able to work well with one another. Some things cock laptop problem, I was so desperate that I went around the hotel to ask those Caucasian guests...

No one want to offer help. =(

End up...we changed 3 laptops, and thanks to the sales executive manager, Dan, who lend us the other 2.


Guest started coming in around 11plus...and the solemnisation started around then, the sun was SUPER DUPER hot..

Angela, his wife, walking down with his father...

The supporting friends and relatives...

After that was the buffet lunch... at the ballroom. Again...running here and there...

The guests....

The performers...

And the event planners! Myself...with big sister and brother...haha, Jerdine and Alex.

Well..."he" is very shy...and doesnt want to appear in my blog, so not much photos I can post it up. But... really sent my deepest wishes to both Angela and "him". Haha... curious to know who he is? Nah... you wont be able to guess, because he seldom appear on my blog. I can only say, he is a very good friend of mine.

It was tiring...but the sense of satisfaction is.... wow! Haha.. Alex, Jerdine and myself were saying why not we open a wedding event planner company. Haha...

Alright, anyway..i met a very interesting friend today, he's the photographer, kokwee. A very friendly person, who even offer to help us take down and remove the balloons, and also helped us to take personal photos...hahah. Thanks kokwee!

Help him do abit of advertisement here.... you can view kok wee's website here, he's a very nice photographer, hire him and contact him @ 90080500!

Kokwee's webbie

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wanping, thanks!

Hey Wanping, this blog is specially dedicated to you k! Koped your most beautiful photo from your blog... hahah >>>> Wanping's Blog

Haha... thanks for calling me all the way from UK!

You were there with Guijin, listening to my problems, at my Void Deck when I was at my lowest period of my life.

You were the one who cried and felt with me.

You, Guijin and Zhixiang were the ones who cheered me on in JC, when i had so many failures in my studies.


you were the one who called me up all the way from UK, when I'm feeling low again.

You never failed to keep me entertained...

you never failed to brighten up my life...

this post goes to Guijin and Zhixiang too...

I want to meet you guys up! Really...

Me, Zhixiang, Guijin and Wanping.

Jia you for exams!!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

That Song...

I'm addicted to the song that is played in Seeman's blog...

Exams fever...I can't wait for exams to end.

I always feel lonely during exams.

Exams... a slow torture to all.

Going to exams hall, its like going to a battle.

You either succeed...or fall.

Fighting the war alone... feels scary.

When is this day ending?

I'm beginning to feel like a coward...

Every night I sleep, I do not wished to ... haiz.

Everytime I typed this sentence, it reminds me of a friend.

Give me power, to survive through this ordeal.

I just love visiting to SeeMan's Blog . The song... i just simply like that song.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Lots of love and concern

Thanks alot to all my friends, for all your concerns.

Sorry to make you guys worry, very thankful to many people, especially those who left a tag for me, and Priscilla, your pocky make wonders, Justin, your supper gave the boost!

I will worked hard... I will...I will...

Well, I didn't do well for my Business Elective today either, maybe its because I know that I have S/U-ed the subject, which means it will not be considered into my GPA. Didnt study much, worst still, paper was hard. Many like me was struggling. Suhui, if you are reading my blog, just want to tell you... dont think so much, get ready for the next paper! =)

Alright, I shall stay positive, and mugged hard for the next 3 papers coming up:

Monday - Computing

Wednesday - Physic II

Friday - Chemistry

Saturday - HOLIDAYS!!!

I am looking forward to the days after exams...

26th April 2008... Going to Mayday concert with Songwei. HAHha...we bought the $168 tics..abit heart pained lah, but i think worth it!

I had just recieved a call...from a long-lost friend, and he told me he's getting married! So happy for him lah, but I'm abit stunned also. He asked me to keep it low profile...and I'm the only one from his clique being invited to his wedding dinner. I shall keep it as a secret for him.

Guess wad, he asked me to coordinate his wedding event for him! Hhaa...which is next sunday, 27 April 2008! Wah...everything very rushed. He's meeting me on Saturday to discuss...jus one day before his Big day. Very glad that he invited me, and most importantly, he trusted in me to run his event...

Feeling quite excited, first time being a BROTHER in a wedding, first time running a wedding event, first time invited to a friend wedding...many first time! Hope I don't mess up his wedding!

Wad's next... 28th April 2008, I will be start working. I'm very very very looking forward to it. My ex boss, Charmaine, if anyone remember her... hmm, I used to work with her, to run Mediacorp events. Now she has been poached by this big Kosmic Film Entertainment... and she asked me to go over to help her. She found me on facebook...haha. Haven't work and meet her for 5 full years already... it has been along time since we last met up!!!

Koped from her company website...

I'm working 9.30am to 6.30pm from Monday to Friday...and sometimes weekends will run some events for her. Excited!!! Its near Bugis area...anyone working around there, can jio me for lunch hor. =)

Well...with so many events to look forward to... I must work harder for exams, so that I will not worry too much after that. JIA YOU!!!!

Not forgetting my long term part time job at chong's clinic... haha. Our new group pic taken last friday, after work. Sophia, Me, and Deborah. Deborah was studying in AMk Library and joined Sophia and Me for dinner.

That's all for now... thanks all, I really appreciate that. You let me know that I'm not alone bracing through the storms, at least, I'm not alone.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Some random feelings.

Hmm. I dunno what's this shitty feeling in me. Finished 1 paper, but the more I think, the more worried I get.

Just want to venge my feelings here.

Sorry if there's nothing relevant.

I guess I'm always lacking of something.

Lacking of luck. Lacking of love. Lacking of passion.

Afterall, my life is so different from everyone of you.

If one day... if one day, I'm being knocked down by a car, or die in a plane crash...please remember to come to my funeral. I scared of loneliness. The more the merrier.

I yearned for a happy family. I hoped to grow up like every other kid.

I... really hope.

Who's the saddest person in the world ? >>> The Clown. His smile is on, whenever he is on stage. But his feelings?

Is this smile genuine?

No one understands how I feel.

Unless you really go through what I have went through...for the past 21 years in life.

My smile, has never been genuine, has never been real... ever since... then.