Friday, April 18, 2008

Lots of love and concern

Thanks alot to all my friends, for all your concerns.

Sorry to make you guys worry, very thankful to many people, especially those who left a tag for me, and Priscilla, your pocky make wonders, Justin, your supper gave the boost!

I will worked hard... I will...I will...

Well, I didn't do well for my Business Elective today either, maybe its because I know that I have S/U-ed the subject, which means it will not be considered into my GPA. Didnt study much, worst still, paper was hard. Many like me was struggling. Suhui, if you are reading my blog, just want to tell you... dont think so much, get ready for the next paper! =)

Alright, I shall stay positive, and mugged hard for the next 3 papers coming up:

Monday - Computing

Wednesday - Physic II

Friday - Chemistry

Saturday - HOLIDAYS!!!

I am looking forward to the days after exams...

26th April 2008... Going to Mayday concert with Songwei. HAHha...we bought the $168 tics..abit heart pained lah, but i think worth it!

I had just recieved a call...from a long-lost friend, and he told me he's getting married! So happy for him lah, but I'm abit stunned also. He asked me to keep it low profile...and I'm the only one from his clique being invited to his wedding dinner. I shall keep it as a secret for him.

Guess wad, he asked me to coordinate his wedding event for him! Hhaa...which is next sunday, 27 April 2008! Wah...everything very rushed. He's meeting me on Saturday to discuss...jus one day before his Big day. Very glad that he invited me, and most importantly, he trusted in me to run his event...

Feeling quite excited, first time being a BROTHER in a wedding, first time running a wedding event, first time invited to a friend wedding...many first time! Hope I don't mess up his wedding!

Wad's next... 28th April 2008, I will be start working. I'm very very very looking forward to it. My ex boss, Charmaine, if anyone remember her... hmm, I used to work with her, to run Mediacorp events. Now she has been poached by this big Kosmic Film Entertainment... and she asked me to go over to help her. She found me on facebook...haha. Haven't work and meet her for 5 full years already... it has been along time since we last met up!!!

Koped from her company website...

I'm working 9.30am to 6.30pm from Monday to Friday...and sometimes weekends will run some events for her. Excited!!! Its near Bugis area...anyone working around there, can jio me for lunch hor. =)

Well...with so many events to look forward to... I must work harder for exams, so that I will not worry too much after that. JIA YOU!!!!

Not forgetting my long term part time job at chong's clinic... haha. Our new group pic taken last friday, after work. Sophia, Me, and Deborah. Deborah was studying in AMk Library and joined Sophia and Me for dinner.

That's all for now... thanks all, I really appreciate that. You let me know that I'm not alone bracing through the storms, at least, I'm not alone.



tellmiwhy said...

wah mayday concert $168 sia..
hahah...remember only use blue lightsticks hor!

and have fun being a "BROTHER" :)

Anonymous said...

so sad, nv give u food then nv get mentioned lol.

eeek, the picture bu hao kan :( i mean me lah. haha. sian.