Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Some random feelings.

Hmm. I dunno what's this shitty feeling in me. Finished 1 paper, but the more I think, the more worried I get.

Just want to venge my feelings here.

Sorry if there's nothing relevant.

I guess I'm always lacking of something.

Lacking of luck. Lacking of love. Lacking of passion.

Afterall, my life is so different from everyone of you.

If one day... if one day, I'm being knocked down by a car, or die in a plane crash...please remember to come to my funeral. I scared of loneliness. The more the merrier.

I yearned for a happy family. I hoped to grow up like every other kid.

I... really hope.

Who's the saddest person in the world ? >>> The Clown. His smile is on, whenever he is on stage. But his feelings?

Is this smile genuine?

No one understands how I feel.

Unless you really go through what I have went through...for the past 21 years in life.

My smile, has never been genuine, has never been real... ever since... then.

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