Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Yes, that was what my Ah Bu said... she hasn't been to Orchard Road for 10 plus years. Can you believe it? So paisay to tell people I seldom bring my mother go shopping, since she just recover from her operation, shall reward her with something!

We also meet up my mother's long lost friend, Winnie 姐姐。 She's from Brunei, and used to rent a room in our flat. It has been around 10 years since she left us for Brunei, but she will still come back to Singapore occasionally to visit the 2 of us...

Myself with Winnie 姐姐。

We chatted about the good old days, and catch up with each other's latest happenings.Too bad she's going back to Brunei tomorrow, we laugh like mad in Takashimaya Delifrance, and actually treat is like Takashimaya Kopitiam. Especially my ah bu... "我要 kopi-o" . hahA...cannot blame her lah. But my Ah Bu is definitely cute... lol.

Mummy with Winnie 姐

Myself, Winnie 姐 , her friend Jessica and Mummy.

This morning treated my colleagues in Chong's Clinic Chicken Rice. Its a long story... I'm actually supposed to start work at Kosmic Films, but my boss is still in Taiwan signing a contract, so I'm finding alternative source of money! Yvonne, my colleague from Chong's and my childhood friend and neighbour, has kindly take a break for 2 weeks, and let me earn 2 weeks of salary from Chong's! Working until Friday for my Full-time in Chong's. Then next week should be starting work in Kosmic films, if nothing goes wrong. So I feel paisay stealing people's rice bowl, so treated Yvonne for lunch!

Jane , the perm staff from Chong's Clinic, and Yvonne, the kind soul who took a 2 weeks break...haha..because of me.

Alright... i ought to be sleeping soon. But can't sleep, so wake up to blog. I'm super tired now... tml meeting another sponsor for DnD again, wish me luck!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

NTU HALL 14 FOC 2008 Website is finally up!

Hey all, some publicity for my NTU HALL 14 FOC 2008 ...

Click on the image to enter!

The website is up! Please take a look @ my beloved sponsors links on the webpage too... lol. They are my fruit of labour! Lol... thanks!

NTU HALL 14 DND 08/09 website will be out soon too! Stayed tuned...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Her Pinkish 21st @ Alleybar

Hmm, when was the last time attended a 21st birthday party? I guess was Daniel Goh's, @ his house.

Yesterday attended Cassandra's 21st @ Alley Bar, near centrepoint. Know her through Justin, through a mahjong session. Was tagged along by Justin, since he did not know Cassandra's other friends. The theme was pink... Justin and I looked kind of wierd, when 2 guys walk around in pink along orchard road. Lol. Some photos to share, thanks to Cassandra !

Her sexy bikini's cake...

Laughing @ some sabo done on Cassandra...

Justin and Myself, erhem... my main purpose is to show you guys I cut my hair again Lah. HahA, shorter and cleaner... no more AH WANG! Don't call me ah wang liao...Tiensoon, ah wang Title give back to you. HAha.

Cass poor photography skills. Lol, Myself, Justin and Cassandra.

Okay, now with my zai photography skills. Lol

Opps, forgot to on flash.

Alrights... that's all liao. Anyway, recieved a call from long time no chat friend, Weiliang, was quite touched, he heard from xiaoyi about my Mum, so gave me a call out of concern. Thanks to many friends, you made me feel good. Xiaoyi, didn't had time to thank you, thanks for the long distant calls,and Daniel Ang for the email despite your busy schedule in Melbourne, and not forgetting long distant sms from Wanping and Seeman. There's too many people who I'm very grateful to, impossible to name you guys out one by one. Just want to say thank you again, you guys know who you are. =)

My mother can see fully liao!

This is the thing that she had to wear around her wrist during this seemingly long 3 weeks. I cut this thing for her personally today, haha... and she said she want to keep as a

Thank god for the blessing!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I just feel like blogging

The weather is super hot, sweating now while I'm typing this post.

Hmm, some random thoughts, just feel like blogging, don't need a title lah.

Tien Soon just told me he recieved a rejection email from staying in Hall 14. Kinda sianz. Always thought we will get hall together. Hmmm, let's wait and see if he can get a hall from the waiting list. I guess, if he's not staying, no point for me to stay also. Wah, we very romantic ah? No lah, I think he's the funniest roomie and most helpful roomie, cannot find the 2nd one liao. If I switch to a single room, then I will stay. If ask me to stay with another bugger, then forget it lah. I shall give up the status of my hall application.

Didn't had time to post some pictures of TienSoon , Jeremy , Junchong and my little dim sum outing. So now time to backlog... we met up each other 1 week after exams, was meant to treat Jeremy, since he helped us to shift stuffs back home. Junchong is our entertainer lah, haha.. no lah, also to celebrate his end of exams. He ended his papers than anyone of us.

This is the very entertaining JunChong, who never fail to travel from his Hall 12...all the way to our Hall 14, to brighten up TienSoon and my dull exam days. He's from AJC also...

This is Jeremy, my friendly "house shifter", haha. Must really thank him for helping me to shift some of my FOC goodies, and he never charged me anything. 这种朋友那里找。。。 also my secondary school good friend, we call him 周杰伦。。。 hahaha. He speaks with a style lah. ;)

This guy, I don't have to intro much. HaHA, Tien Soon lah, my roommate, my JC friend. Thanks for helping me to shift my FOC goodies also. And giving me lots of marketing ideas for Dnd and FOC... behind a engineer student biz mag, always have a business student roommate support...haha. Eh...what crap analogy. lol.

This is me lo. LoL.

Our dim sum @ excelsior hotel, rivercity and good, nice and full...haha

The four of us...

Junchong took this pic of me...

Hahha. He can look emo too...

Aiya...he's just versatile lah . LoL...

Quite happy today, got little achievements for my DnD committee today. Got a sponsorship from citizens, vagary. And the deal is pretty awesome!

I should be working with them, and getting corporate discount for NTU Hall 14 residents. I think the watch is pretty elegant, thinking of getting one for myself also... contact me @ 98230073 if you are interested!

K lah. I go sleep liao, tml still working...

As the days are approaching to results release date, I'm getting abit nervous plus emo again...haiz.

Friday, May 16, 2008

I'm back, revitalized!

Alright friends, thank you so much to all your well wishes. My mother is recovering soon, I'm very glad to have all of you guys out there.

I'm back here. Staying positive in life, after so much encouragement from all you guys, its time for me to get back to life slowly, or else I will be disappointing all of you. =)

Today, I finally stepped out of the house, longer than usual. And with a lighter heart. Finally I can feel the genuine smile from the bottom of my heart. Must really thank 2 sunshine girls today... they are my jc friends, Zhiqi and Regina.

Regina and Zhiqi

This 2 girls came to give my mother a visit. Zhiqi drove us all the way to Tiong Baruh to get the very very very famous and super super super shiok Ang Gu Kwek... its really super shiok. I wanted to get some for my mother, thats why had the intention to go Tiong Ba Ruh today. Then Zhiqi suggested she want to contribute something to my mother also, so provided the ride. But too bad...when we reached there, only left limited flavours left. But we get those limited flavours, and when I heard both zhiqi and regina said, " WAH! SUPER SHIOK!" hAHA, i Know i made the right choice. ;)

Zhiqi , Regina and myself... can't stop laughing everytime we meet up.

After that, we went to Ice Kimo to enjoy ice cream. We talked alot, about life, about interesting stuffs that happen. This 2 girls, forever make me laugh non stop. Or I should say, the St Nics girls in my class always have the power to brighten up my day. But Zhiqi's laughter, is so contagious, that it always spread to all of us. Regina's bimbotic-ness and beady eyes, always let me laugh non stop too. HAha. We chatted until about 7plus in the evening... had to leave early , I had 4 hours curfew, need to help my mother put eye drops 4 hourly.

Sunshine Zhiqi, Beady Eyes Regina, Ah Wang Kevin

This evil zhiqi and regina wanted to shift their heads as far as possible, to bring out my gigantic head. Alrights, the photo says it all.

After that, went home, had dinner with my mother, and did some household chores. After helping my mother to put eye drop, wanted to give Sophia a surprise, anyway, Sophia is working in Chong's Clinic (my current work place) every thursday and friday. Just nice, great minds think alike, Justin called me if we wanted to meet up . So I met up with Justin 1st, and walked to Chong's Clinic with him to meet up Sophia.

We went to Island Creamery at Serene Centre to enjoy ice creams... and thanks to who? Thanks to our driver, Mr. Muthu Justin.

Sophia, Justin and Myself

I thought she looked like a chinese restaurant waitress


Justin , Sophia and Me again.

Aiya, her red dress...just look damn off today. Sophia sim! Pls throw away this dress. Or donate to some chinese restaurant. HahHA.

After Mr. Muthu Justin sent Sophia home, he jio me go prawning... gay buddies private date leh. Girls out there, jealous anot? Hahaha.

My fishing rod..

Mr Muthu Justin prawn-ing...

Paisay, not much photos during our prawn-ing session, it look funny when 2 guys take pictures in public. Hhaha. Shall post more prawn-ing photos when we bring along tiensoon, sophia, prissy, songwei also. Was super fun, hahahah....but 2 big boys like us... are super... clumsy , haha. I think I don't want to add details to our super amusing prawn-ing experience.

Alright, all my friends out there, please don't worry for me. I'm definitely feeling better as compared to last week. I will be stronger day by day. With wonderful friends like all of you, I know dark clouds will scatter soon. Like Johnson say, Sunshine after the rain. Thank you very much.

To the sunshine beauties Zhiqi and Regina (Don't be tooooo flattered, on courteousy then call you beauties lah..haha! Joking) You all really make me laugh from the bottom of my heart, I really forget everything @ home when I go out with you all today. Thank you very much!

To my all other friends who were with me all along, your encouragement, and visits to my home, also gave me a boost as well. You guys are not forgotten. Thanks!

Friday, May 09, 2008


I think I grew up and learnt alot.

Thank you all my friends.

There'e nothing i can repay you guys for your kindness and concern.

It's only a very sincere thanks from me.

Chanced upon a website with Jay's Zhou song... i find this very meaningful to me right now:

想哭 來試探自己麻痺了沒
全世界 好像只有我疲憊
無所謂 反正難過就敷衍 走一回 

I feel like crying, to test if my feelings are numb
It seems like I'm the only one who is totally exhausted in this world
It doesn't matter , since sadness will just accompany me for a short while
Let's hope that my sense of lost will fly away as far as possible.

To all my dear friends, don't worry. I have told myself to be stronger, so that I can take care of my mum. Therefore, I will not give up.

Operation is a success. Now is the recuperating period...

Mummy, 加油!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Mummy, get well soon.

It's so miserable to see your loved ones suffering, and yet you are so helpless.

It's so hard being a guy, cos we will be stigmatised as sissy or gay if we cry. My heart is already numb ever since then, I couldn't get a single tear out. But my feeling is there, I feel so heartache, when she asked me if she couldn't wake up again. A knife pierced through my heart, when she told me to take good care of myself if she leave this world. I'm so useless being a son. There's nothing I can do to relieve her pain.

I guess its kinda stressed when you are the only son, and the only guy in the family. I use my both hands to support the entire universe, but one day I may give up. Give me a break, please.

I'm tired of putting up a bravefront, I'm tired of acting stupid, I'm tired of being a clown to entertain everyone. Sometimes I know I talked too much, I just want to destressed myself. I have no siblings to talk to, I have no father to share my burden.I know sometimes I talked too much, sorry if I provoked anyone, but I didn't want to. I yearned for a happy family, like many of you out there.

Please treasure all your family members. And pls don't grumble like whole world collapse when you quarrelled with your mother or father. Think of people like me, who want sometimes wish to quarrell with my father, but didn't have a chance to do so.

You guys are really blessed, the biggest problem in your life, may seem the smallest problem to others. Look at the people in third world country. Vietnam, Laoz, Philippines... there are people who are orphans, yet they are so happy, because they live simple.

Singaporeans are too fortunate.

Maybe I sidetrack alittle. Sorry again. Not happy? You don't have to come to my blog anyway. Please excuse yourself.

Mummy, 加油。

Pain will be over soon. I will see you tml again...

Love you lots, Mummy.



Monday, May 05, 2008

I'm being tagged!

You must be thinking I'm mad...come online at this hour. Wad to do... some unhappy things happen. Clearing up the shit, let's hope tml, i mean later will be a smooth and good day for me.

Forget about unhappy stuffs, now I shall do this set of I was tagged by guijin...haha. Guijin and Zhixiang, I still visit ur blog k... I 默默的 support you all lea~ hehehe.

1. At what age do you wish to be married?
I always thought before 28 years old...the best is on 11/11/2011...I can tell my wife you are my one and only... cos it will reflect as 111111... BUT cannot lah, too young, not financial stabilize...

2. If you were to be stranded on a deserted island, who are the 4 blog buddies you'd take and why?
4 BLOG buddies ah... Blog...I only read Eebing's , Guijin's , Zhixiang's and Wanping's blog more often these days...can I choose 4 of them?

3. Where is the place that you want to go the most?
Paris or France

4. If you can have 1 dream come true, what would it be?
Stay happy, ALWAYS. It never come true yet. =(

5. Do you believe you can survive without money?
Why not. I got so many nice friends out there, like Sophia, Justin, Songwei , Prissy, Tien Soon, etc who will keep me entertained and lend me money with no conditions..

6. What are you afraid to lose the most?
I'm a mummy's boy... Mother lo.

7. If you win $ 1 Million, what would you do?
Give to mother, go to Paris , buy bigger house and save the money for my CAR!

8. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
I'm quite slow and steady, shy also. Always take a while for me to confess. Not really a while, it may take as long as 6 years. =(

9. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
Cheerful, Cute and Thrifty.

10.What is your dream girl?!
Long hair, fair, slim, able to sing, able to understand me, able to take care of my mother, abit mixed blood look.

11. What kind of person do you hate the most?
This question, come @ the right time. Those who cannot keep their promises, those who say one thing and never carry out, those who duah me, those who create troubles for me, those who are super irresponsible, those who cannot be trusted... (I'm super angry when I think of what happen! Dulan.)

12. If you are given the chance to go back to the past and make a difference, will you?
Yes, sadly.

13. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. What does it mean to you?
I love you, you love me, no limits no boundaries...

14. Any wisdom to share with your readers?
Give in 100%, and expect 50% returns.

15. If there's ever a war(or things that are similar) happening in your place, are you going to move to a safer place, or fight?
Sorry, I humji. Sure move to a safer place. Protect my country? Mai Siao Lah. I got brain one leh, not stupid.

16. If you have the chance, which part of your character you would like to change?
Low EQ and himbotic-ness

17. Who is the person that you can share all your problems with?
Sad to say, my mother isn't one of them. Hmm... Seeman and Sophia. Wah. Both girls...Sophia Sim, I only type here once, not going to repeat again. =P

18. What's your weakest point?
Always get lost, no sense of directions.

19. Think of the person who tagged you to do this quiz. What song do you relate him/her to?
Hahahha. 蔡淳佳's song...a.k.a Joi Chua. Cos she look like her. Lol.

20. What is the one thing you regret most?
Entered AJC. Wanted to go poly, and come out to study/work after poly, so that I can earn as much money as possible. Look @ still a poor student in university.

That's all..time to sleep. But haiz. I got no mood to sleep, until I confirm can get the Van later for my FOC goodies.