Friday, May 09, 2008


I think I grew up and learnt alot.

Thank you all my friends.

There'e nothing i can repay you guys for your kindness and concern.

It's only a very sincere thanks from me.

Chanced upon a website with Jay's Zhou song... i find this very meaningful to me right now:

想哭 來試探自己麻痺了沒
全世界 好像只有我疲憊
無所謂 反正難過就敷衍 走一回 

I feel like crying, to test if my feelings are numb
It seems like I'm the only one who is totally exhausted in this world
It doesn't matter , since sadness will just accompany me for a short while
Let's hope that my sense of lost will fly away as far as possible.

To all my dear friends, don't worry. I have told myself to be stronger, so that I can take care of my mum. Therefore, I will not give up.

Operation is a success. Now is the recuperating period...

Mummy, 加油!

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