Saturday, May 24, 2008

Her Pinkish 21st @ Alleybar

Hmm, when was the last time attended a 21st birthday party? I guess was Daniel Goh's, @ his house.

Yesterday attended Cassandra's 21st @ Alley Bar, near centrepoint. Know her through Justin, through a mahjong session. Was tagged along by Justin, since he did not know Cassandra's other friends. The theme was pink... Justin and I looked kind of wierd, when 2 guys walk around in pink along orchard road. Lol. Some photos to share, thanks to Cassandra !

Her sexy bikini's cake...

Laughing @ some sabo done on Cassandra...

Justin and Myself, erhem... my main purpose is to show you guys I cut my hair again Lah. HahA, shorter and cleaner... no more AH WANG! Don't call me ah wang liao...Tiensoon, ah wang Title give back to you. HAha.

Cass poor photography skills. Lol, Myself, Justin and Cassandra.

Okay, now with my zai photography skills. Lol

Opps, forgot to on flash.

Alrights... that's all liao. Anyway, recieved a call from long time no chat friend, Weiliang, was quite touched, he heard from xiaoyi about my Mum, so gave me a call out of concern. Thanks to many friends, you made me feel good. Xiaoyi, didn't had time to thank you, thanks for the long distant calls,and Daniel Ang for the email despite your busy schedule in Melbourne, and not forgetting long distant sms from Wanping and Seeman. There's too many people who I'm very grateful to, impossible to name you guys out one by one. Just want to say thank you again, you guys know who you are. =)

My mother can see fully liao!

This is the thing that she had to wear around her wrist during this seemingly long 3 weeks. I cut this thing for her personally today, haha... and she said she want to keep as a

Thank god for the blessing!

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