Thursday, May 22, 2008

I just feel like blogging

The weather is super hot, sweating now while I'm typing this post.

Hmm, some random thoughts, just feel like blogging, don't need a title lah.

Tien Soon just told me he recieved a rejection email from staying in Hall 14. Kinda sianz. Always thought we will get hall together. Hmmm, let's wait and see if he can get a hall from the waiting list. I guess, if he's not staying, no point for me to stay also. Wah, we very romantic ah? No lah, I think he's the funniest roomie and most helpful roomie, cannot find the 2nd one liao. If I switch to a single room, then I will stay. If ask me to stay with another bugger, then forget it lah. I shall give up the status of my hall application.

Didn't had time to post some pictures of TienSoon , Jeremy , Junchong and my little dim sum outing. So now time to backlog... we met up each other 1 week after exams, was meant to treat Jeremy, since he helped us to shift stuffs back home. Junchong is our entertainer lah, haha.. no lah, also to celebrate his end of exams. He ended his papers than anyone of us.

This is the very entertaining JunChong, who never fail to travel from his Hall 12...all the way to our Hall 14, to brighten up TienSoon and my dull exam days. He's from AJC also...

This is Jeremy, my friendly "house shifter", haha. Must really thank him for helping me to shift some of my FOC goodies, and he never charged me anything. 这种朋友那里找。。。 also my secondary school good friend, we call him 周杰伦。。。 hahaha. He speaks with a style lah. ;)

This guy, I don't have to intro much. HaHA, Tien Soon lah, my roommate, my JC friend. Thanks for helping me to shift my FOC goodies also. And giving me lots of marketing ideas for Dnd and FOC... behind a engineer student biz mag, always have a business student roommate support...haha. Eh...what crap analogy. lol.

This is me lo. LoL.

Our dim sum @ excelsior hotel, rivercity and good, nice and full...haha

The four of us...

Junchong took this pic of me...

Hahha. He can look emo too...

Aiya...he's just versatile lah . LoL...

Quite happy today, got little achievements for my DnD committee today. Got a sponsorship from citizens, vagary. And the deal is pretty awesome!

I should be working with them, and getting corporate discount for NTU Hall 14 residents. I think the watch is pretty elegant, thinking of getting one for myself also... contact me @ 98230073 if you are interested!

K lah. I go sleep liao, tml still working...

As the days are approaching to results release date, I'm getting abit nervous plus emo again...haiz.

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