Friday, May 16, 2008

I'm back, revitalized!

Alright friends, thank you so much to all your well wishes. My mother is recovering soon, I'm very glad to have all of you guys out there.

I'm back here. Staying positive in life, after so much encouragement from all you guys, its time for me to get back to life slowly, or else I will be disappointing all of you. =)

Today, I finally stepped out of the house, longer than usual. And with a lighter heart. Finally I can feel the genuine smile from the bottom of my heart. Must really thank 2 sunshine girls today... they are my jc friends, Zhiqi and Regina.

Regina and Zhiqi

This 2 girls came to give my mother a visit. Zhiqi drove us all the way to Tiong Baruh to get the very very very famous and super super super shiok Ang Gu Kwek... its really super shiok. I wanted to get some for my mother, thats why had the intention to go Tiong Ba Ruh today. Then Zhiqi suggested she want to contribute something to my mother also, so provided the ride. But too bad...when we reached there, only left limited flavours left. But we get those limited flavours, and when I heard both zhiqi and regina said, " WAH! SUPER SHIOK!" hAHA, i Know i made the right choice. ;)

Zhiqi , Regina and myself... can't stop laughing everytime we meet up.

After that, we went to Ice Kimo to enjoy ice cream. We talked alot, about life, about interesting stuffs that happen. This 2 girls, forever make me laugh non stop. Or I should say, the St Nics girls in my class always have the power to brighten up my day. But Zhiqi's laughter, is so contagious, that it always spread to all of us. Regina's bimbotic-ness and beady eyes, always let me laugh non stop too. HAha. We chatted until about 7plus in the evening... had to leave early , I had 4 hours curfew, need to help my mother put eye drops 4 hourly.

Sunshine Zhiqi, Beady Eyes Regina, Ah Wang Kevin

This evil zhiqi and regina wanted to shift their heads as far as possible, to bring out my gigantic head. Alrights, the photo says it all.

After that, went home, had dinner with my mother, and did some household chores. After helping my mother to put eye drop, wanted to give Sophia a surprise, anyway, Sophia is working in Chong's Clinic (my current work place) every thursday and friday. Just nice, great minds think alike, Justin called me if we wanted to meet up . So I met up with Justin 1st, and walked to Chong's Clinic with him to meet up Sophia.

We went to Island Creamery at Serene Centre to enjoy ice creams... and thanks to who? Thanks to our driver, Mr. Muthu Justin.

Sophia, Justin and Myself

I thought she looked like a chinese restaurant waitress


Justin , Sophia and Me again.

Aiya, her red dress...just look damn off today. Sophia sim! Pls throw away this dress. Or donate to some chinese restaurant. HahHA.

After Mr. Muthu Justin sent Sophia home, he jio me go prawning... gay buddies private date leh. Girls out there, jealous anot? Hahaha.

My fishing rod..

Mr Muthu Justin prawn-ing...

Paisay, not much photos during our prawn-ing session, it look funny when 2 guys take pictures in public. Hhaha. Shall post more prawn-ing photos when we bring along tiensoon, sophia, prissy, songwei also. Was super fun, hahahah....but 2 big boys like us... are super... clumsy , haha. I think I don't want to add details to our super amusing prawn-ing experience.

Alright, all my friends out there, please don't worry for me. I'm definitely feeling better as compared to last week. I will be stronger day by day. With wonderful friends like all of you, I know dark clouds will scatter soon. Like Johnson say, Sunshine after the rain. Thank you very much.

To the sunshine beauties Zhiqi and Regina (Don't be tooooo flattered, on courteousy then call you beauties lah..haha! Joking) You all really make me laugh from the bottom of my heart, I really forget everything @ home when I go out with you all today. Thank you very much!

To my all other friends who were with me all along, your encouragement, and visits to my home, also gave me a boost as well. You guys are not forgotten. Thanks!

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