Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Mummy, get well soon.

It's so miserable to see your loved ones suffering, and yet you are so helpless.

It's so hard being a guy, cos we will be stigmatised as sissy or gay if we cry. My heart is already numb ever since then, I couldn't get a single tear out. But my feeling is there, I feel so heartache, when she asked me if she couldn't wake up again. A knife pierced through my heart, when she told me to take good care of myself if she leave this world. I'm so useless being a son. There's nothing I can do to relieve her pain.

I guess its kinda stressed when you are the only son, and the only guy in the family. I use my both hands to support the entire universe, but one day I may give up. Give me a break, please.

I'm tired of putting up a bravefront, I'm tired of acting stupid, I'm tired of being a clown to entertain everyone. Sometimes I know I talked too much, I just want to destressed myself. I have no siblings to talk to, I have no father to share my burden.I know sometimes I talked too much, sorry if I provoked anyone, but I didn't want to. I yearned for a happy family, like many of you out there.

Please treasure all your family members. And pls don't grumble like whole world collapse when you quarrelled with your mother or father. Think of people like me, who want sometimes wish to quarrell with my father, but didn't have a chance to do so.

You guys are really blessed, the biggest problem in your life, may seem the smallest problem to others. Look at the people in third world country. Vietnam, Laoz, Philippines... there are people who are orphans, yet they are so happy, because they live simple.

Singaporeans are too fortunate.

Maybe I sidetrack alittle. Sorry again. Not happy? You don't have to come to my blog anyway. Please excuse yourself.

Mummy, 加油。

Pain will be over soon. I will see you tml again...

Love you lots, Mummy.

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jan said...

kianhuat!! dunno y i cant seem to be able to write in cbox.. what i wannt say is that, u gotto 加油 too!!