Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Yes, that was what my Ah Bu said... she hasn't been to Orchard Road for 10 plus years. Can you believe it? So paisay to tell people I seldom bring my mother go shopping, since she just recover from her operation, shall reward her with something!

We also meet up my mother's long lost friend, Winnie 姐姐。 She's from Brunei, and used to rent a room in our flat. It has been around 10 years since she left us for Brunei, but she will still come back to Singapore occasionally to visit the 2 of us...

Myself with Winnie 姐姐。

We chatted about the good old days, and catch up with each other's latest happenings.Too bad she's going back to Brunei tomorrow, we laugh like mad in Takashimaya Delifrance, and actually treat is like Takashimaya Kopitiam. Especially my ah bu... "我要 kopi-o" . hahA...cannot blame her lah. But my Ah Bu is definitely cute... lol.

Mummy with Winnie 姐

Myself, Winnie 姐 , her friend Jessica and Mummy.

This morning treated my colleagues in Chong's Clinic Chicken Rice. Its a long story... I'm actually supposed to start work at Kosmic Films, but my boss is still in Taiwan signing a contract, so I'm finding alternative source of money! Yvonne, my colleague from Chong's and my childhood friend and neighbour, has kindly take a break for 2 weeks, and let me earn 2 weeks of salary from Chong's! Working until Friday for my Full-time in Chong's. Then next week should be starting work in Kosmic films, if nothing goes wrong. So I feel paisay stealing people's rice bowl, so treated Yvonne for lunch!

Jane , the perm staff from Chong's Clinic, and Yvonne, the kind soul who took a 2 weeks break...haha..because of me.

Alright... i ought to be sleeping soon. But can't sleep, so wake up to blog. I'm super tired now... tml meeting another sponsor for DnD again, wish me luck!

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