Thursday, June 19, 2008


I just got a job in Citibank, thanks to Vivien, who introduced me to this job. Used to work in Citibank 4 years ago, alot of changes I would say. Now the level I'm working in, has a complete change, from staffing...and the management too.

Now doing some work, which they called it "Monitor", under the department of Credits Processing. If I'm not wrong, 3 person doing it, but still lack of manpower I think. Cos I heard , once they actually do OT as late as 2.30am in the morning! I just came home, left office around 12a.m , luckily can claim taxi fare...hiak hiak!Basically facing long strings of account numbers, occasionally calculating some interest, and using some program which looks like my NTU computing module program. I think after this 1 month plus of work in Citibank, I will be trained with faster fingers on the keyboard!

So now my office hour is 9am to 12am... but its okay lah, I like to be engaged in many activities, maybe to keep myself away from life... what time I dismissed, it's really not fixed man, cause have to depend on how many cheques we process one day.

Anyway, I have sent my phone for servicing. Blooding keypad... yesh, sumsung touchpad isnt working, and I just brought for merely 6 months!!! ARGhhh! So this afternoon didn't catch some of the calls and smses that you guys sent.

But luckily my mother digggged out a super old LG phone, that I used to carry during JC days. So now shall use this spare phone with a wierd antenna that can be used alternatively to dig my nose perhaps?

Alrights, gonna check some email, then catch some sleep . Tml continue to fight the war in Citibank!

Citibank, see you in 8 hours time!

You will become my 2nd home for now...

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