Sunday, June 22, 2008

Citibank Happenings!

Citibank is soon becoming my 2nd home for this one month period... yesterday went out with some of my new citibank friends from balcon, totally new bunch of people, and I'm the 2nd oldest among them, LONG LONG time ago in citibank balcon, I'm still the youngest ... (that was four years ago)... now ah... alamak, looking at these group of people... I must 认老咯!

Went to Kbox with them, they were having a mini farewell for two staffs, Alvin and Huiting... I'm lazy to type...let the pictures do the talking!

Haha...that girl is XiuLi...

Alvin and Xiuli both staring at Gina... hmm, 来来来,小朋友,let me teach you what is 有人欢喜有人愁。。。 the above picture says it all.. Tommy has something going on with Gina as well?

Citibank Balcon... 4 years later 的 new face, we comes in all sorts of sizes, shapes, heights, colours... work hard, but act smart... lol. Huiting and Alvin in the middle

You can jolly well crop Gina and myself out of the photo...

HAhaa..tommy and alvin. Coincidentally, I found out on the last day, that Alvin is my hall Shilin (FOC, not the jcrc) good friend. He's coming to NTU hall 14... hahha. 来,大家跟我一起唱! Its a small world afterall...its a small world after all... lalalala. He sings not bad leh...girls, any takers? Haha.

Gina and Alvin decided to pose with their new friends...

And from then on... I will call them 肥轮海。 Haha, no lah, joking !

Funny people, always work at my computer, listening to their conversation, its like switching on 搞笑行动 on radio... hahah. Office need to have this kind of people around... or else I will be bored to death man.

Alright folks, got to sleep soon, tml mahjong-ing with shuyi , weiliang and Kenneth... hahha. Buddies, 好久不见! Haha... Opps, I mean later, siao liao...1.55am liao!


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