Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Shuting's 22nd @ Holland V

Celebrated Shuting's 22nd Birthday just now...@ Holland V Italian restaurant, Amichi, and also at Swensen for her birthday cake... Don't ask me why I'm online now, couldn't sleep again.

Was feeling quite upset over my results recently, yes, I have not get over it. Sorry, call me a loser or anything, but it really impacted me alot. So I met up with my Tutorial friend Geneva, and visited the Prof for MAE admissions, and my Mentor, Prof Tan.

Well, I felt better after talking to Prof Tan. He was very encouraging, and he said this to me, " You are not the worst. As you progress slowly in NTU, it only gets better. My experienced tells me, it only gets better. " He reasoned out why he said so, and both Geneva and myself agreed with what he said. I'm sure he wasn't trying to say positive things to make me feel better, he said this, " I'm sure you are able to do well. Just that you definitely will not be the top student. 2.9 is still okay. "

He also explained to me prospects in Mechanical Engineering, and also Materials Engineering. I told him I am weak in Physics, so feel like changing course. He was very frank, and told me that he was from Materials Engineering Fac, and transfer to MAE. He urged me to think twice, as many students appealing to come to Mechanical. On top of that, he feels that Mechanical Engineers are more versatile.

Whatever it is, Prof Tan Ming Jen is really a encouraging prof, how often do you find such professors in NTU?! I know he's very busy, while talking to us, he's constantly on emails, phones and people looking for him. But he didn't show any signs of impatience. I'm very glad that I have such mentor!

Even though I feel better after talking to him, but I just cannot cheer myself up. Met 八仙 clique today, less Suhui and Ferry, was telling them I don't understand why I'm behaving like that. It just seems like there's no goals in life, and nothing can cheer me up. Most probably I'm dwelling up alot in my past.

Shuting said I got signs of depression. Freaks me out. But don't worry guys, she's exaggerating. I'm still very consious of what I am doing.

Really glad to have many encouraging friends around. This 八仙 clique, always create so much laughters, Daniel has many interesting stories, Shuting has stupid actions, Mindy and Suhui has her very long philosophy, Chinran , Sharmen and Ferry are always the quiet ones, but once they talk... wah, we can really laugh until pengz.

As usual, we were talking about our good old days, in stupid and childish we were.

Shuting's 22nd Birthday! Upgrade Swensen more breadtalk!

Daniel the ARMY BOY, he rushed down after his reservist, and Chinran , his 小爱人

Dinner at Amichi, ehh.I think you all can cropped me out sia.

Shuting walk too fast... haha.
Back: Chinran , Sharmen
Front: Daniel Goh and Mindy

The guys! Today we majiam film NDP video. Got people from all sorts of careers~ Daniel as armyman, Sharmen as businessman, Chinran as student...

Haha, Shuting trying her best to prevent the flame from going off...太激动了吧!

See, I told you, she got alot of actions. Blow a candle also so many pattern... more than badminton...

Ay Seh. Shuting... you got shave nose hair anot!? Siao zhA boh.

What does that means? 三八... hahha. Not referring to Mindy lah...Er Hem, its that Birthday girl lah. Lol.

Suhui and Ferry, we did spare some thoughts for you guys. See how thoughtful we are. Just pay Sharmen can liao hor. =X

As usual... people's birthday always end up like my birthday... Sorry Lah.

He is my 小胖 in my smalll lil lil heart...

This is Mindy... the girl whom I admired for many many years... but end up now as very good friends... all because of a card that she gave... "FRIENDS FOREVER"... Mindy, I will show you on your birthday! As promised over dinner just now!

Sharmen.... must really apologised to him, for accidentally forgot to return his memory card, and he can't play PSP for many many months because of me... nvm, I will thank you...give you the chance to treat Mindy on her Birthday. Thank You ah.

This is Chinran, the honest man, whom I used to quarrell very badly with... he called me a 猪(pIG), and I called him a 狗(dog)... that was long long ago in secondary two... but he said he forgot liao just down during dinner... Chin Ran...really mah? Mai Pai Say lah...

Coincidentally, last year Shuting's birthday, was also 6 of us. Hmm... Suhui and Ferry, wake up your idea! 2 years never keep Shuting company, so we shall demand more treat from you guys! Wah...1 year only, I already out of shaped... Hall really caused alot of destruction to one hor...

Guess need to sleep soon... tml working @ Chong's ..8.30am, now 4.12am liao. 3 hours to catch some sleep... but I'm still not tired. Haiz.

Anyway, Shuyi>>> Just wanna say thanks! We seldom so 客气 with each other, but this time round, I have my thumbs up for you! You know what I mean... =)

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