Sunday, June 01, 2008

Time for a change!

The day before I go "for a change", haha, was playing around in Chong's Clinic while Dr Yuen was in Toilet...

Who want to be seen by Dr. Kevin?

Hmm.... Sophia looks more like breast feeding..

Haha, of cos Dr Yuen spotted our stupid actions later. Aiya, but Dr Yuen without us fooling around in the Clinic, he will be damn bored lah. HAHAHHAHA. Like what sophia sim says, Dr Yuen need people like her, to spice up the clinic, and circulate Dr Yuen's blood...hahaha.

Alright, so let's come to the topic, time for a change! The next day, went to look for Dr. JJ Chua, for some cosmetic surgery. Breast implant? Nah... Butt firming? Maybe... Liposuction? Actually I need it... hahah, but all NO!!!!

Its mole removal! Recommended by Mindy, I finally pick up my courage to go for the minor surgery... call laser vaporisation surgery.

Dr JJ Chua's Clinic at Mount Elizabeth.

The procedure is super fast, take less than 5 minutes, but it cost me $380! Pocket got a big big hole now, anyone want to hire me, can call me ah. Anything will do, dont ask me sell backside. Hahhaa.

My sexy mole... Before...

After !

Right now, still staying at home to recuperate, still got some blood discharge. Waiting for it to heal... can't wait ! Lol, cannot stay in Sunlight, and my mother say cannot drink coffee, milo, coke, chin chow, soya sauce... basically all the black stuffs. And Dr JJ Chua say cannot eat Potato and Tapioca... hmm... many nice food can't eat...

but for the sake of my YANDAO face... hahahhaha(don't puke leh)

I will endure!!!

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