Saturday, June 07, 2008

When the 华人 meets the 干当

Results out recently, well, didn't do well , and many things going in my mind recently. I can only say time is the healing factor.

As usual, yesterday was working in Chong's Clinic, was still quite emo, luckily Sophia tried her best to entertain me.

Sophia and Myself.

Did a photoshop for her, I think she look classy in this picture.

Our normal dispensary area..

I think Sophia took this pic, and I tried to photoshop again.

Finally caught Dr Yuen on picture. Jason came and bought some Satay for us. Enjoying while working... but I didn't really enjoy Yesterday.

Jason pour some hard liquor out from a hamper... well, thought was a good time to make myself drunk...

Sophia's masterpiece again.

Hmm, I always get bloated and swollen after drinking, allegic to alcohol, now you understand... look at number of double layers I had.

After work, it was a meet up of my Secondary School Friends... (华人) and my NTU friends...(干当)at Villa Bali. Actually both Sophia and myself wanted to drink, and try to get drunk... I guess, that's the only way to forget my troubles, other than doing anything stupid...

Justin and Priscilla

Myself with Sophia

Me with Priscilla


Okay, we are not drunk... just my gay buddy Justin want to get one step closer to me.

Priscilla could not take this picture in time...

I'm really not drunk yet...don't worry...

And sometimes the guys like to secretly peeeep at the girls... don't believe?

Justin...secretly Bio-ing Priscilla...

Weiliang secretly Bio-ing Shuyi...

I'm already swollen and bloated like a Pufferfish..

Sorry, but I really don't know what caption to put, for this... wierd picture.

My secondary school bestest, cum mahjong Kaki, less Kenneth

亲爱的 weiliang...hahah

我的 干妈!

When the 华人 meets the 干当...

Thanks all who accompany me last night. I know results isnt everything, but being a perfectionist, I cannot to afford have flaws in myself. Feel like I'm being thrown from a very high place, and now I need time to stand up on my own. I will try, just need more time.

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