Sunday, July 27, 2008

One week of update

Let's just say...I'm too tired to blog this week. Busy with meeting sponsors, goodie bags last minute cannot be delivered...called up all my sponsors, luckily Eng Wah got... also busy with delivering of goodies, packing goodie bags, catching up good old friends, tution kids having tests consecutively then have to go for tuition for like 3 days in a word i can say is....SHAGGED.

Well, i think I shall keep this entry short...

Last saturday... celebrated Mindy's 21st birthday at Relish...

19.07.2008 : Mindy's 21st Bday Celebration

Suhui and Mindy

The entire group...we call ourselves 八仙~ less Shuting, who is doing volunteering work in Thailand

23.07.2008: Packing of Freshmen Camp Goodie Bags

150 Goodie bags... thanks to many who helped me that day!

Some of the Heros who helped me... From extreme left, Clockwise, Sophia, Justin, Me and Priscilla

24.07.08 : Farewell Dinner for Daniel

Shuyi, Daniel and Me and this very very nice place near Sembawang. Check out Shuyi's blog for more details!

After that we went to Hongkong Cafe 茶餐厅。。。saw jeff wang 2nd time again!

25.07.2008: Working in Chong's Clinic and Dark Knight with Citibank Colleagues

Sophia and Myself...一个字: CHUI~


Then after work, went to watch Dark Knight mid night show with Citibank Ah Xiaos... NICE SHOW!!! MUCH MUCH MUCH more better than HELL BOY! I can only say... Stunning and Eerie~ Especially Joker's laughter...

Gina...act CHIO sia... hahha. Not camera shy one, some people. Lol...

XX.07.2008 : Twins in Citibank

Before I left Citibank... i took this shot. Serene looking into Mirror in citibank.

You really think got mirror? See carefully.... its Serene and Cheryl wear same clothes go wear long sleeve, one wear short sleeve... hahha. So 巧!

Anyway...if they had missed out their triplet... I found one at the Toilet.

The above twins a response to Gina's Entry...pls click her blog for more!

Okay, time to sleep.

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