Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A reunion lunch...after so long

This week gonna be my last week in citibank...Sabrinah, my ex big boss in Citibank...(4 years ago), has suggested us to have a small lunch gathering, everyone was busy and it wasn't easy to bring everyone together... finally, today is the day! Thanks to Vivien who help me to coordinate... I didn't do much also, keep asking Vivien to help me ask this...help me ask that...haha.

The 4 years ago...balcon admin team...reunite!
Back row: Sabrinah, Vivien, Rachel, Myself
Front : Peiyun, Shufang, Jennifer

Still remember those days, I was directly under shufang, she was my boss at 12 floor. Whenever big boss sabrinah came to level 12... everyone will "sabrinah , sabrinah... " Haha..she just got the "seh" loh... even today, she's still got the "Seh", haha.. I don't know if she will see this, but anyway, I just want to thank her for treating us, even though all of us are no longer under her... she is still so generous, and the hospitality she displayed is no words can described one lo...

Times flies, a friend that I used to talk cock with... Vivien, has now promoted and take over Sabrinah's post... she's the one that intro me... But Rachel is the one I owe lah, cos I smsed her if there's any vacancy, she told me she will check. I thought its just another "entertained" reply.. but didn't realise she actually asked Vivian, and few weeks later, I got a job at citibank, without even an interview... and somemore just a short one month assignment... really must thank them ah. Citibank seldom , or never hires such short assignment one lo..really damn paisay.

But today's lunch was good...its like 老同学 gathering..haha. Shufang is giving birth soon.. all the best!!!

Back to office...Mr Tommy grab my digicam...and took some candid pics in the office again...

HAhaa..Ivan and Me acting spastic, he's my crapper in the office lah. He can talk alot...no, i mean CRAP alot..lol. When I'm bored, he's like a radio keeping me awake...haha. No lah, jking~

Then Serling..hmm... she get paranoid and keep looking in the mirror...hhahah... all because of me.... because...because..

Because I said she looks like... Mashimaro.

Haha... =X

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