Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happening Hall Life!

Yah, I just woke up... later need to work, I'm super hungry now, haha.. suddenly feel like blogging.

Was quite occupied last week, with tutorials, and was so tired that I missed some lectures and tutorials classes, so blur that I entered the wrong class, and sit there for 45 minutes, paisay to come out...Worst thing is, it was a year 3 subject! I think that's the damn cock thing I ever done in NTU!

The past week has been quite happening, with various events like my Freshmen Orientation Camp 2009 recruitment drive, as know, recruit organising committee...of course not 2009 freshies! Hahah...

Success! Earn $100 from my Nasi Lemak Sales! Yoooohooo!

At night went out with the ex FOC 2008 committee, Kenneth, Shilin, Kellie and Jonathan(a.k.a meh meh), together with Jia En, to eat Rochor Tau Hway!

Next day was the 8th JCRC Election Day...for the benefit of those not from NTU, JCRC is the committee which runs the hall and helps to assist the residents to the fullest... majiam PAP sia, still got Rallies, and voting system. Must bring Matric card somemore...then got standard way of crossing the Box... like the real Singapore Election. Cock People like me... keep making mistake, end up have to take 3 forms to vote...hahah, after that got Hall supper somemore, BEARD PAPA!!! WAH...that's my fave sia, damn ups!

This was what we were doing while waiting for the election results...results only released around 12.30am! Congratulations to Sophia ! She's the Vice President for the 8th JCRC committee!

And...the next day...haha... yeh, busy...went to celebrate Jonathan(A.k.a Meh Meh) birthday...@ Chinatown $10 family ktv! Damn cheap... got sharkfin soup somemore, songs updated somemore...hahah!

Went together with Shilin, Kellie, Er yan, and Meh Meh. Ya...they are all my seniors. Para join later...he's Alvin's roomie... haha. The Indian who can speak Chinese...and heard from Alvin his Chinese O level A1 sia!!!

Happy 23rd Birthday MEH MEH!

The past week... had a good chat with Sophia Sim too, long time never chat for so long liao.

V fast...week 4 liao, soon to all my Tests and Project due dates... then Holidays... then Exams... WAH KAOZ! TIME REEEEEALLLLLI FLIES!

If I can have 48 hours a day... haiz.

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