Thursday, September 11, 2008

远方的 friends!

Now... first of all, the title suggests...friends from far, not very lah. HAhaa, my secondary school friends cum mahjong kakis, Shuyi and Weiliang came to visit me yesterday, Kenneth was unable to come as he was in Tekong visiting his friend's POP ceremony.

Shuyi and Weiliang came down all the way from SIM to my Hall...but end up, we don't find anything good to eat, so we headed towards Jurong Point, Billybommmmmmmers!

Ordered food... and eat like nobody's business! Loves to chill out with friends, even though was a school day, but let's just take it as a small break!

Weiliang's 斗鸡眼 amused shuyi and me to the max... (top left hand pic)

3 of us agree that this was the best photo we took so far in so many years of our life! And I'm serious..Look at the series of photos we tooooook long long time agos...hahha...

This pic was the most 精典 pic in our 9 years of friendship... really PING PONG PIANG! Can you imagine...we could think we were once very good looking during our prom night?!

Alright...Weiliang, Shuyi and Me...haha...trying to get use to life without kenneth, since he is going away for overseas studies , for 1 year... in 2009. Lol...

More updates please see Shuyi's blog!

Yesterday , Justin had stomach flu in school, he was having a fever, diahorrea, and feel like vomiting. Songwei, his roommate brought porridge from Can 1 back to hall 14for Mr. Justin Lee! Yes...its quite far. At night, also accompanied Songwei, together with Sophia, to send Justin back home. I guess the importance of friendship is really important, in times of difficulties, you really see the meaning of truth friendship. Songwei, we salute you! And wish Justin get well soon!


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