Monday, September 15, 2008

Photos from my phone...

Well.. i just woke up. =) Haha, yeh. At this kuku hours of the day. Now wake up to study my test next week. DAMN stress!!! Hate school! Alright, before I go study... blog some pics. Just uploaded some pics from phone to my com. Lol...

Joseph, my hall friend... haha, he thought he's little mermaid... when he realised he kena caught on phone, quickly want to get up... but too late

My Chong's clinic, colleague, chin chin's daughter...Felise...

Okay, sibei zuo bo. In the lift nuthin to do...but I thought look artistic. Lolx.

More zuo bo... i was so surprised that at the end of my work in Chong's Clinic, the accounts was $888.00... 发发发! haha... Chong's clinic HUAT AH! Pay rise, doctor?

My tutorial friend Tailon...we were all laughing at his new hairstyle... too bad, dun have his before pic. But... we keep asking him why go perm his hair... 萧敬藤? Then he say the Salon Auntie say trying to make him like 言程序 (F4 that one), in one of his 偶像剧。 Lol...and were like QUESTION MARKS?!

And when he turn around... we keep laughing, cos looks like 黄大婶去pasat买菜! Auntie Tailon!

I was so bored...that I played games with my tution Kids...hahaha.

Hall friend chun hern...drunk and sat outside zouk...after Freshies Bash...

Guess my hall friend daphne took this photo during FOC 08.... eating lunch...haha. Just woke up also.

Before FOC... helped Prissy and Cheryl sew the flag to the bamboo...

In amused that Nadiah wore full set PINK! Keep calling her PINK PANTHER!

That day Xiuli was wearing like a Zebra in office. So I thought I saw her best friend beside the toilet. =X

Was so touched that Citibank gave me Ben And Jerry! YooooHooo!

I dunno when did I take this? Hahhaa... Qing yun and Jeanette...busy checking forms.

I passed by fortune center , and visited Prissy as she was working in a law firm. While I was waiting for her to come down...I saw this... hmm...FCC? I thought I saw PCC... CHua Dio. And was above the male toilet sign somemore. Phew...thought since when Singapore so OPEN.

And that day... i so happy that I Won. I really stand at the Betting counter for 30 mins... studied the odds...then buy one k. hAHAHA.... somemore is just a kuku friendly match. HAHA!

k lah..enuff. Get back to study. Funny, I dare to smack a cockroach with my Magazine...but the cockroach went out of the room. And now I'm very urgent to go toilet, yet I don't dare to step out of my bedroom... okay. I need to do something... not to my bladder... to the cockroach.

Nitez! I mean..Morning!

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