Saturday, November 29, 2008

Where are you?

I have a friend called confidence.

Where are you?

Where have you gone?

Friday, November 28, 2008


I don't think I'm able to walk out of this darkness.

It's going to take quite long , I think.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Last paper

But... I am scared.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I've got a small heart

I find it difficult to accept someone into my life.

I find it more difficult to try so hard to be part of the someone's life.

Let's just say...

I've a small heart.

No room to accept anyone.

So, instead of making myself miserable, I shall declare... My heart only has room for the 4 of them. =)

Stupid as it seems, I've been thinking about it for one night.

Selfish as it seems, that's just me. Accept it.

Alright...something random....

This song...hmm... nice. Never talk about love relationships in my blog before... but... this song, speaks about my feeling? Haha... 小酒窝... hohoho.

Thinking back... do you used to have someone in your heart...but you can't say it out? That feeling...miserable right? Actually I got say it out lah, haha... but still... the song below.. speaks about my feelings sometimes ago... pls go tell someone you love her/him, before its too late...

Had a wierd dream number 2 last night...dreamt of Songwei asking me to climb up the spiral stairs with him... but soon he disappeared... then I keep climbing, and climbing, and climbing... and realised its never ending. Then I saw some clouds...and realised it's never ending, and there's no landing ground. Desperate, lost and frightened, cos there's no point climbing up further, and I'm tired of going back. So...

I jumped down.


I woke up.

Like primary school essay...

alas, it was a dream.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Maggie Mee has never tasted so shiok...with Egg plus CP and more ups.

4 down and 2 more to go!



I really can't stop laffing after watching this... hahahhahah

and for those who likes to fart...hahah! You've got a new friend!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

One day... but when will that day come?

The song started with...

"我是一隻鹹魚 不想承認 也不能否認"

True enough, I'm denying the fact that I'm good for nothing...

and the song continues...

"不要同情我笨 又誇我天真 還夢想著翻身"

True enough, please don't pity me for being dumb/stupid/himbo...but on the other hand say that I'm good...

" 我的人生就是 一錯再錯 錯完了再從頭 "

Haiz, totally agree.

Instead of being emo...shall convert my energy to strength!

"我是傻 不是蠢 我將會證明 用我的一生"

I'm blur, not stupid, I'm going to prove myself, even if I've got to use my entire life!

Alright, meaningful song, which gave me the energy to fight the war again. Stress? Chocolates, friends and songs make my day. Oh, not forgetting Mummy's char bee hoon, I have eaten that for 3 consecutive days, but it still feels so good.

Slack too much and you regret.


haiz. Slack too much, was abit complacent for my 1st 2 papers...

screwed up my 4AU subject today, didnt had time to finish study, left alot of questions blank... I know I'm wrong liao...pls don't let me Da Bao... pls...pls...begging very hard.

Was Emo-ing... it feels good to a good pad from 3 good friends on my shoulder... even though you guys are not around. Listening to you guys motivate me alot.

No point crying over spilled milk, fall once, stand up, and fight the war again.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Familiar? Hahaha...精曲回顾!

对你爱爱爱不爱(完)as sung by Justin Lee... haha...

And Alvin Tay(Citibank) also know this song...

And I believe you will never forget this familiar action during the chorus...别问我是谁。。。

This is still my favourite old classic up till today... sophia, you like this song too! 梦醒时分

This song...haunted me from young until now... I don't dare to listen to the original...preferred信乐团's 北京一夜...but still got abit goosebumps...

And my favourite DUETs classics...



Saturday, November 15, 2008

2 down and 4 to go!

I am somehow quite relieved that I am having 2 papers per week, at least got some time to breathe.

Monday paper... will drive me crazy, unless I have 3 brains to memorise everything in. NO TIME NO TIME NO TIME.

Today accompanied Joseph, Darius, Hazel Michelle and Ben to eat steamboat @ clementi, we behaved like exams is over. Feeling kind of guilty now. Tml shall buck up. But I thought Joseph not feeling good after his Math 4 paper, brother mah, accompany him lah.

4 more paper to wad Daniel Lee said...its all in the mind...its a strategy...

Just now ran out of contact lenses solution, msg and disturbed daphne, my hall friend who stayed one road across from my block, and "borrowed" contact lenses solution from her. Damn funny...haha. Cos midnight liao, 7 eleven also never sell. So now we are sharing contact lenses solution...haha, got to return her on Monday. Lol...

K lah, Focus and more focus.

I can't wait to catch up many of my friends after exams.

Like what Darius and Joseph said today...its a slow torture...

and what Justin said... fight the monster...

and hopefully I will bring all the 油s from Priscilla and Sophia to exam hall...and don't let my friends disappointed...


Friday, November 14, 2008

He did Westlake Primary School proud!

I was reading Eebing's blog, and I saw her entry about Westlake Primary, my primary school. So was curious to find out more news bout the teachers in this school...and guess what I found!

He's Mr Baey Yam Keng, MP for Tanjong Pagar GRC. He's from Westlake Primary! Alright, maybe you guys out there must be thinking...crazy, what's the big deal, alright, I guess my primary school mates will beg to differ. Because we were from neighbourhood school, and it's really a small school. Having to know someone who's from your same primary school, the percentage is really small! And somemore it's Mr. Baey!

I found this article that he wrote...

" I was the first batch of students at Westlake Primary School (now defunct). I still remember two teachers there fondly. Mdm Cheng (曾老师) inspired my interest in the Chinese language with her story-telling and captivating style of teaching."

I dunno if this 曾老师 , is the one that taught me for one year b4...and she's currently staying in Shunfu Road! Saw her one year ago... wah, if she is the 曾老师 that I know...haha, she would be happy that her student had done well! can read more about Mr. Baey here : His Write Up

Well...I hope I will not be fine or kena caught for posting this!

Back to studies!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I think I got screws in my brain

This afternoon, while I was doing MATHS 4 exam revision papers, something happened.

I said , " WAH LAOZ! My answer wrong again."

Yanpei, " Wah! I think we keep having careless mistakes! "

I said, " Ya lah! I think I cannot focused liao ."

Peishan, " Focused...focused..."

I said, " Wah laoz...the answer is -3i + 1 lor! "

Yanpei asked, " Then WHATS YOUR ANSWER? "

I said, " 1- 3i "

Yanpei and Peishan , " HUH?! WHATS THE DIFFERENCE? "

I said, " EHHH!? "

I THINK.... I'm super tired... it feels great to slack now! Yes...I mean now... k lah, slack for 2 hours liao, got to catch a bath then get back to work!

The simple celebration!

Yup...simple celebration for Mr. Justin was his birthday in the midst of our exams! The serious guy didn't want to have a rowdy party, because he wanted to focus on he exams... and when he say "NO!" , he really mean it...haha.. so we think and think...and that's the best we thought of... haha...

Sophia, Songwei and Prissy all came back to school at midnight 12am. I was already in school as I got a paper earlier on that day, and Friday. Oh, btw, 5 of us normally stay at home to study... cause cannot concentrate in hall...

At 11.55am, went up to Justin's room... and helped to explain to him that the rest cannot come...cos busy of exams.. then I bring up a slice of cake...say its specially from me...haha(its priscilla buy one...ask me bring up to console him...). At this time... they were all hiding in my room to get the cake ready...

So when the clock strikes 12...while I was still trying to stall time by talking to Justin, tata! The 3 of them appear with e cake and he was surprised! Luckily was a success lah...although the past few days I almost leak out the surprised...when I kept calling him and double check with him when will he back in hall...haha... luckily he's back in hall for his next paper on the very next day!

The four of us...where's priscilla? She's taking pictures lo... my camera gone ma...haha...

Eating cake on his bed... (quite seldom u will see this lah...cos Justin very gek gao...haha... he likes to have clean always kao peh us. LoL)

The roomies! SOngwei and Justin

Sophia and Justin

Justin and Me

Priscilla and Justin

Neighbours! Desmond and Justin

Ya...we know we look chui...nvm lah, exams mah...haha

The driver who just got her license drove us to coffeeshop near by to chill! And she's none other than Priscilla! Tata!

Songwei act cool only lah.

HAha, just a random shot

You guys rocks! And thanks for the support at all times!

Maths 4 tml... driving me crazy...very CRAZY. Integrate until I close my eyes can see cos, sin, cosh, sinh, e, ln , bla bla bla.

Pri maths...easy

Secondary maths... do 10 year series lo.

Jc Maths... dun understand... do 10 year series lo.

Uni Maths 1... do exam papers lo.

Uni Maths 2... do exam papers lo...

Uni Maths 3... havent take yet... (next semester)


Memorise sentences, english, chinese, 手册,malay, history, geography...bla bla bla, I can...

You ask me to memorise symbols, equation.... omg. I dun understand, its just like MATHS COMPOSITION.

A question worth 20 marks, the answer is 3 pages long with statements, equations and symbols.



Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Have been sleeping at 12am...wake up at 4pm...

The more papers I do...the more I realise I have insufficient knowledge to that subject...

Tml is my paper...

This time is stressed not because I didn't finish studying...

This time is the stressed if I don't do well...

Why must exams determine one's capability... life sux...

Sunday, November 09, 2008

somebody says...

I once read someone's blog...and this tutor said , " You are a student and your job is to study. If you fail, you are a failure. "

Harsh as it seems, but there's some meaning still.

This shall be my motto for exams!


Saturday, November 08, 2008

The drama that touched me

Have not been watching any drama serial recently, the last drama that touched me was Singapore 黄金路。 Always like to watch those drama, that depicts the kinship b/w brothers and sisters from the young... beautiful childhood memories, and slowly turn into hatred. Not that I'm saddistic, but it always touched me when the villian in the show, finally realised his fault, and finally treasure the kinship again. Especially the flashback of the childhood memories, always make me feel goosebumps, and that feeling...well, really can't describe.

Actually, this drama was aired on channel 8, every sat 7pm. But thought was some lock cock show. Until recently when I'm more available at home on weekends, start to sit down and watch this show. Guess I only watch this show for maybe less than 5-6 times?

But could roughly figure wads the show about. If you like singapore 黄金路, you will like hongkong version of 义无反顾。Everyone died in the end, and same as 陈丽萍 in 黄金路, there's a nice lady in the show, who will always be the motherly character to guide the brothers and sisters to the right way on track.

Was watching the final episode just now, and the brother said something like this, "我和你比一样,我没有父亲,一切都是靠自己增取的!" This sentence... hmm...affects me alot... Sometimes, I think my own story can be written as a drama serial also...haiz.

The mother also said something very meaningful: 人家坏,你不可以跟人家坏。知道吗?

Which means that others can be mean to you , but you cannot be mean to them. And she continued to say that we should moved these people with our heart, and neutralised their hatred. I totally agree with this sentence... i will apply this to my more motto in life.

The ending of this show is that the brothers end up fighting one another, and finally one of them died of illness. Despite the many wrongdoings of the younger brother, the elder brother decided to forgive him, even those his wife was murdered and kidnapped by the younger brother. The mother and sister went crazy... sad as it seems, but, very touching, and many moral values to learn from.

This was the last scene that I saw which moved me alot... especially during the flashing of the childhood scenes....

Greetings from far

Seeman is back from Hongkong! AC Nielsen Executive lihai. She's my good friend from jc, who return to hongkong, and now is back to visit all of us!

So as not to affect my revision, we went for early dim sum breakfast @ 8am... lucky she called me to wake me up, or else .... haha.

Seeman posing with her name card. Got namecard liao woh.

We left around 9.30am... cos I need to revise, and she need to meet her friends at 10.30. So she come my house talk cock and rot... haha. And play "Geo Challenge" and "Word challenge" in facebook... also introducing to her my friends in Uni... and showed her some photos.

Not forgetting to take photos... how often does Seeman come Spore sia...aha


Different faces of Seeman and Kevin...

Before she left...

Seeman, thanks for talking to me, and well, really felt better. It's always feel so good talking to you, can really feel the warmth and sincerity. Also want to thank you for your regular postcards, and birthday cards... really brighten up my day everytime I see it.

And last but not least, please take care of yourself back in Hongkong, and I will jiayou!!!


hhaa, to repeat myself again, " I WON'T!" That's a promise. =)

An entangled knot

I think I'm the 8th.

I know I should be studying, but I'm playing Geo Challenge to forget and take things lightly.

I think I should fall back on my feelings.

Frankly speaking, I don't like this treatment and I don't think I deserve it.


Nope, sorry...he's not giving us free birthday offs! Guess its time for my blog to cheer up..and update with some pics.

But daniel, sorry to disappoint u ah, busy with exams. No fanciful and funny subtitles...

Thanks to Daniel again, he gathered everyone back at chong's clinic!So today after work... haha...something special, its the reunion of the Chong's clinic batches... and again, many laughters and jokes, reminiscing the good old days...

Dr Yuen TOUCHED ....hahhaa.

Introducing to you... the different batches of Chong's!

Clockwise, Dr Yuen, Jason, Su Bee( Jason's wife), Chin Chin and her daughters.

Followed by the next batch... outgoing Dennis and his girlfriend, and incoming Daniel

Next carrying the baton ... outgoing Daniel, Jiaer...and Incoming Me! (Sam busy with work...)

And last but not least...the current batch... Yvonne, Sabrinah, Deborah and Myself

Deborah busy giving out cakes...although she's sick... hey sorry ah, only realise u got fever after that, or else would have helped you to distribute the cakes. Get well soon!!!

Alrights...back to work again. Exam rocks, I love exams. (RIGHTZ.)

Friday, November 07, 2008


If I were to pour everything out, I guess the jug will overflow.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

I bought my armour for the battle!

Pardon me for updating my blog so often nowadays, guess this place is for me to relieve my stress.

Haha, you know, when you go for a war, not only do you need to train and level up, but you need a good armour to protect you and brace through all odds! Haha, so I went to do some shopping... and I am proud to present you my shield and armour!

My mother say Brands is good for me... alright, going to drink one glass everyday to exams!!! Since mother sponsor ma...haha

I dunno why, but this brand... and must be particularly, teh su su, will keep me awake thru the night, so strong that I can stay awake till 7am. And it ever made me gone crazy in Justin and Songwei's room, sing and dance around... and force them to stay awake until 3.30am, despite the fact that they have a 8.30am lesson next day.
The power, of teh su su.

They say Dark Chocolate boost energy and stimulate brain functions...

And mouth gets itcy and i need something chewy...

Last but not least, my all time fav. HAHAH.

Alright, now its time to level up and go for some training! Study time!

Interesting article for those who are stressed

10 Ways to Improve Your Brain Health

1. Do “neurobic” exercises. Certain cognitive exercises can create new associations between different brain parts, says neurobiologist Lawrence Katz of Duke University. Neurobics include getting dressed or showering in the dark, switching what you normally wear on one side to the other (e.g., put your watch or bracelet on your opposite wrist), using your opposite hand to brush your teeth, hanging pictures upside down, and cooking ethnic foods that you’ve never prepared before.

2. Limit your alcohol intake. The more alcohol you consume, the lower your brain volume becomes. Scientists at Wellesley College in Massachusetts found that low to moderate levels of alcohol helps protect your health from cardiovascular disease, but heavy drinking shrinks brains. These researchers define heavy drinking as more than 14 drinks per week, moderate drinking as 8 to 14 drinks per week, and low as less than 7 drinks per week. To increase your intellect and cognitive ability, keep the alcohol consumption to a minimum.

4. Try something new. An active brain can slow the mental decline that comes with age. “A lifetime of good mental habits pays off,” says University of Alberta researcher Dr. Dennis Foth. “People who are curious at a young age are more likely to be mentally active and stay active as they age. And we found it's never too late to start. With a little effort, even people in their 70s and 80s can see dramatic improvements.” Memorizing poetry, learning a new musical instrument, or taking Spanish or French lessons are great ways to strengthen your memory and improve your brain health.

4. Smell the sandalwood. “Natural scents have a direct pathway to the brain and research shows that some chemical constituents of aromatherapy oils, particularly…sesquiterpenes can cross the blood-brain barrier and increase oxygen flow to the brain,” says Michelle Schoffro Cook, doctor of natural medicine and author of The Brain Wash. Extra oxygen increases energy, immune function, positive moods, and learning. Frankincense and sandalwood are particularly effective at increasing oxygen levels in the brain. An easy way to improve your brain health could involve a little aromatherapy.

5. Do the tango. Dance requires twists and turns that strengthens brain connections. Learning the cha-cha-cha can nourish brain cells, which translates to quick thinking in the real world. “Exercise can protect the brain against environmental toxins by counteracting free radicals and reducing inflammation,” says Schoffro Cook, author of The Brain Wash. Physical activity is one of the best ways to promote the growth of new brain cells and strengthen your memory.

6. Sleep well. Your brain requires huge amounts of energy to function properly; sleep boost memory and allows your brain to process information. “Though it's not sexy, the traditional sleep advice is still effective,” says Dr Rachel Morehouse of the Atlantic Sleep Centre. Sleep little – if at all – during the day because naps rob you of sleep at night. To improve your brain health, get up and go to bed at set times. Stay active but avoid exercising in the evening because it keeps you awake. Wind down before you go to bed with music or a book. Enjoy healthy food, eat light meals at night, and avoid caffeine.

7. Volunteer. “Good Samaritans have been found to have lower stress levels and a sense of well-being, factors that add up to better overall health, including brain health,” says Schoffro Cook, author of The Brain Wash. The brain benefits of volunteering include increased mental functioning and better communication skills. The key may be in the “helper’s high” – the sense of calmness and well-being that comes from helping others. Volunteering can also improve your brain health by raising your self-esteem and feelings of self-efficacy.

8. Socialize with people. Talking can improve memory and thinking skills, says Oscar Ybarra, a psychologist at the University of Michigan. Further, he believes that visiting with a friend or neighbor may be as helpful as doing a crossword puzzle. About his study, he said, “Short-term social interaction lasting for just 10 minutes boosted participants’ intellectual performance as much as engaging in so-called ‘intellectual’ activities for the same amount of time.”

9. Strive for variety. Don’t rely on a particular practice, supplement, or food to improve your brain health. Instead, incorporate different activities into your life. For instance, take a child hiking if you normally spend time with adults; go for a run instead of the usual yoga class. The more you challenge your brain and body, the healthier and stronger they become.

10. Reduce your exposure to neurotoxins. Harmful chemicals, food additives, and chemically altered ingredients can harm your brain and body health. While it’s not possible to completely eliminate pollution from your environment, you can limit it. Pure products, organic produce, natural fragrances, whole foods, and fresh air will improve your brain health and strengthen your memory.

Hmm... I think number 6 and 8 works well for me...haha!

Then maybe you will asked... wah lauz, so lei any antidotes for me to take anot!?

GOT... got

There are six popular ways to increase the brain power of any individual:

The first method to increase brain power that many people try is eating certain foods. There are specific foods that are known to instantly increase brain power. The most delicious and popular of these foods is chocolate. Chocolate can actually increase brain power by stimulating the brain. By just eating a piece of chocolate your mind begins to function more effectively. The chocolate increases blood flow which aids concentration and increases learning capabilities.

The consumption of folic acid is the second way to increase brain power. Folic acid retains brain function, improves information processing speed, and memory.

The third way to increase brain power is to take sage oil tablets . Sage oil tablets challenges your short term memory. It significantly improves your word recall.

The fourth method to increase brain power is to use ginko biloba to improve concentration and memory. Ginko Biloba improves clarity of thoughts, protects valuable cell membranes, and neurotransmitter functions of the brain.

The fifth way to increase brain power is to stay mentally active. Crossword puzzles, Sudoku puzzles, and Jigsaw puzzles can actually increase brain power. Learning something challenging also helps. Taking up a musical instrument to learn or playing a board game can keep the mind active. Reading is another great way to stay mentally active as well. Always keep your brain functioning at its highest level to increase brain power.

The sixth way to increase brain power is to digest Omega-3 fatty acid or fish several times a week. Omega-3 fatty acid increases learning ability, problem-solving skills, focus, memory, and brain cell communication. Implementing these things into your diet and daily activities will instantly increase brain power.

Alrights, hope it works for you guys!


As you guys know, I dropped my camera.


Went back home to check out if my old cam is still in action...

found all these photos...

One year later...we may have changed in one way or another, but those memories, remains.

Simply nostalgic.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Give and Take

You don't have to always feel good to be the recieving party.

It feels great to give and rewarded with a sincere smile.