Saturday, November 08, 2008


Nope, sorry...he's not giving us free birthday offs! Guess its time for my blog to cheer up..and update with some pics.

But daniel, sorry to disappoint u ah, busy with exams. No fanciful and funny subtitles...

Thanks to Daniel again, he gathered everyone back at chong's clinic!So today after work... haha...something special, its the reunion of the Chong's clinic batches... and again, many laughters and jokes, reminiscing the good old days...

Dr Yuen TOUCHED ....hahhaa.

Introducing to you... the different batches of Chong's!

Clockwise, Dr Yuen, Jason, Su Bee( Jason's wife), Chin Chin and her daughters.

Followed by the next batch... outgoing Dennis and his girlfriend, and incoming Daniel

Next carrying the baton ... outgoing Daniel, Jiaer...and Incoming Me! (Sam busy with work...)

And last but not least...the current batch... Yvonne, Sabrinah, Deborah and Myself

Deborah busy giving out cakes...although she's sick... hey sorry ah, only realise u got fever after that, or else would have helped you to distribute the cakes. Get well soon!!!

Alrights...back to work again. Exam rocks, I love exams. (RIGHTZ.)

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