Saturday, November 08, 2008

The drama that touched me

Have not been watching any drama serial recently, the last drama that touched me was Singapore 黄金路。 Always like to watch those drama, that depicts the kinship b/w brothers and sisters from the young... beautiful childhood memories, and slowly turn into hatred. Not that I'm saddistic, but it always touched me when the villian in the show, finally realised his fault, and finally treasure the kinship again. Especially the flashback of the childhood memories, always make me feel goosebumps, and that feeling...well, really can't describe.

Actually, this drama was aired on channel 8, every sat 7pm. But thought was some lock cock show. Until recently when I'm more available at home on weekends, start to sit down and watch this show. Guess I only watch this show for maybe less than 5-6 times?

But could roughly figure wads the show about. If you like singapore 黄金路, you will like hongkong version of 义无反顾。Everyone died in the end, and same as 陈丽萍 in 黄金路, there's a nice lady in the show, who will always be the motherly character to guide the brothers and sisters to the right way on track.

Was watching the final episode just now, and the brother said something like this, "我和你比一样,我没有父亲,一切都是靠自己增取的!" This sentence... hmm...affects me alot... Sometimes, I think my own story can be written as a drama serial also...haiz.

The mother also said something very meaningful: 人家坏,你不可以跟人家坏。知道吗?

Which means that others can be mean to you , but you cannot be mean to them. And she continued to say that we should moved these people with our heart, and neutralised their hatred. I totally agree with this sentence... i will apply this to my more motto in life.

The ending of this show is that the brothers end up fighting one another, and finally one of them died of illness. Despite the many wrongdoings of the younger brother, the elder brother decided to forgive him, even those his wife was murdered and kidnapped by the younger brother. The mother and sister went crazy... sad as it seems, but, very touching, and many moral values to learn from.

This was the last scene that I saw which moved me alot... especially during the flashing of the childhood scenes....

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