Saturday, November 08, 2008

Greetings from far

Seeman is back from Hongkong! AC Nielsen Executive lihai. She's my good friend from jc, who return to hongkong, and now is back to visit all of us!

So as not to affect my revision, we went for early dim sum breakfast @ 8am... lucky she called me to wake me up, or else .... haha.

Seeman posing with her name card. Got namecard liao woh.

We left around 9.30am... cos I need to revise, and she need to meet her friends at 10.30. So she come my house talk cock and rot... haha. And play "Geo Challenge" and "Word challenge" in facebook... also introducing to her my friends in Uni... and showed her some photos.

Not forgetting to take photos... how often does Seeman come Spore sia...aha


Different faces of Seeman and Kevin...

Before she left...

Seeman, thanks for talking to me, and well, really felt better. It's always feel so good talking to you, can really feel the warmth and sincerity. Also want to thank you for your regular postcards, and birthday cards... really brighten up my day everytime I see it.

And last but not least, please take care of yourself back in Hongkong, and I will jiayou!!!


hhaa, to repeat myself again, " I WON'T!" That's a promise. =)

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