Friday, November 14, 2008

He did Westlake Primary School proud!

I was reading Eebing's blog, and I saw her entry about Westlake Primary, my primary school. So was curious to find out more news bout the teachers in this school...and guess what I found!

He's Mr Baey Yam Keng, MP for Tanjong Pagar GRC. He's from Westlake Primary! Alright, maybe you guys out there must be thinking...crazy, what's the big deal, alright, I guess my primary school mates will beg to differ. Because we were from neighbourhood school, and it's really a small school. Having to know someone who's from your same primary school, the percentage is really small! And somemore it's Mr. Baey!

I found this article that he wrote...

" I was the first batch of students at Westlake Primary School (now defunct). I still remember two teachers there fondly. Mdm Cheng (曾老师) inspired my interest in the Chinese language with her story-telling and captivating style of teaching."

I dunno if this 曾老师 , is the one that taught me for one year b4...and she's currently staying in Shunfu Road! Saw her one year ago... wah, if she is the 曾老师 that I know...haha, she would be happy that her student had done well! can read more about Mr. Baey here : His Write Up

Well...I hope I will not be fine or kena caught for posting this!

Back to studies!

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Y Chong said...

Hi Kevin,
Just came across your blog. Yes, Zeng Lao Shi is the one living in Shun Fu, and my class, the class of '96 had been visiting her yearly during Chinese New Year until her sad passing in 2015...we have been gathering and visiting another teacher, Ms. Hsu who played an equal impact on our lives.

I'm glad that Zeng Lao Shi also made an impact in yours... :)