Sunday, November 02, 2008

I bought my armour for the battle!

Pardon me for updating my blog so often nowadays, guess this place is for me to relieve my stress.

Haha, you know, when you go for a war, not only do you need to train and level up, but you need a good armour to protect you and brace through all odds! Haha, so I went to do some shopping... and I am proud to present you my shield and armour!

My mother say Brands is good for me... alright, going to drink one glass everyday to exams!!! Since mother sponsor ma...haha

I dunno why, but this brand... and must be particularly, teh su su, will keep me awake thru the night, so strong that I can stay awake till 7am. And it ever made me gone crazy in Justin and Songwei's room, sing and dance around... and force them to stay awake until 3.30am, despite the fact that they have a 8.30am lesson next day.
The power, of teh su su.

They say Dark Chocolate boost energy and stimulate brain functions...

And mouth gets itcy and i need something chewy...

Last but not least, my all time fav. HAHAH.

Alright, now its time to level up and go for some training! Study time!

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