Thursday, November 13, 2008

I think I got screws in my brain

This afternoon, while I was doing MATHS 4 exam revision papers, something happened.

I said , " WAH LAOZ! My answer wrong again."

Yanpei, " Wah! I think we keep having careless mistakes! "

I said, " Ya lah! I think I cannot focused liao ."

Peishan, " Focused...focused..."

I said, " Wah laoz...the answer is -3i + 1 lor! "

Yanpei asked, " Then WHATS YOUR ANSWER? "

I said, " 1- 3i "

Yanpei and Peishan , " HUH?! WHATS THE DIFFERENCE? "

I said, " EHHH!? "

I THINK.... I'm super tired... it feels great to slack now! Yes...I mean now... k lah, slack for 2 hours liao, got to catch a bath then get back to work!

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