Tuesday, November 18, 2008

One day... but when will that day come?

The song started with...

"我是一隻鹹魚 不想承認 也不能否認"

True enough, I'm denying the fact that I'm good for nothing...

and the song continues...

"不要同情我笨 又誇我天真 還夢想著翻身"

True enough, please don't pity me for being dumb/stupid/himbo...but on the other hand say that I'm good...

" 我的人生就是 一錯再錯 錯完了再從頭 "

Haiz, totally agree.

Instead of being emo...shall convert my energy to strength!

"我是傻 不是蠢 我將會證明 用我的一生"

I'm blur, not stupid, I'm going to prove myself, even if I've got to use my entire life!

Alright, meaningful song, which gave me the energy to fight the war again. Stress? Chocolates, friends and songs make my day. Oh, not forgetting Mummy's char bee hoon, I have eaten that for 3 consecutive days, but it still feels so good.

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