Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Xmas!

Spent my xmas with my mother in the afternoon for her lunar birthday lunch..(we ate mee sua at home actually), then go out for shopping lah.

Evening I bring the East and West together... I've got my Secondary school buddies from the East...and the Uni Kantang friends from the West...

Haha...went to PitStop and had a board games session...laugh until pengs, snatch until crazy...shout until nobody's business... Haha...

I hoped you guys enjoy it too!

Justin, Priscilla and Myself..

Playing "ugly ugly", woah..majiam heart Attack.

This dinosaur everyone crazy...

Justin and Weiliang was the Ultimate winner...

Priscilla holding on to her bone TIGHTLY... haha.

When the EAST meets the WEST!
From left: Weiliang, Priscilla, Shuyi, Kenneth, Justin, myself.

The ultimate losers...Kenneth and Me lah...haha.

While we were waiting for Daniel Ang for supper...

Weiliang suggested "falling in" with the

Merry Xmas everyone!

Happy Boxing day... (specially for Weiliang). HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

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