Monday, December 01, 2008

Waking up...

Got a friend who walk into my room and asked me to wake up in a harsh tone, but later apologised to me. Was abit stunned, but I thanked him for that.

And looking through various tags and comments, I guess I have made you guys worried. Many people that I may not know, and some, like Yunchuan, never did I expect he will comment on my blog.

I think I must learn to deal with life more positively.

从小, 就学会这首歌, “自己跌倒自己爬” 。 没想到,好多年过去了, 这首歌的意义却对是我的推动力。

Many times, we fall, and we learn to stand up again. People can lend me a helping hand, but ultimately it depends on my own , with my own effort, to stand up again. Initially, it maybe pain. But as we go on, the wound will heal and we will resume our movement again. There maybe a scar, but depending on how you view it, the scar could be a traitmark rather than just an ugly scar.

Thanks all. From the bottom of my heart.

Daniel came back from Melbourne tonight, enjoyed sitting in his car, looking at the scenery. Shuyi was there too. True friendships exist when you realised there isn't any sense of awkwardness even though we were not talking to one another occasionally.

Bestest, shuyi and daniel

Myself with Daniel @ rochor taohway


After that, Daniel drove us to Mount Faber to chill...

Thank you, 朋友。

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