Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Life as an engineer...

It caused me to sleep at 5am in the morning.

Life as an engineer....

But sense of satisfaction!

Time to sleep.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Chilling out on a Saturday Night

Blujaz Cafe at 11 Bali Lane. Taxi brought me to Haji Lane. Luckily Haji Lane is just infront of Bali Lane. Haiz, Singapore Taxis...CMI.

Went out with EX-citibank Colleagues, Gina, Xiuli, Serling, Alvin(where!?!??!>>>Somewhere.)

Though the music wasnt quite appealing to the ears, but I sort of enjoyed myself there. There's a moment that I actually felt that I was overseas, chilling out with friends, putting down our daily busy lifestyle, relaxing along the way.

The presence of the Caucasians sort of added to that "I'm on a holiday!" feeling too. I guess, such places are really excellent places for the white-collar workers. Maybe, many years later, I will be enjoying this kind of lifestyle too.

I really liked the ambience alot, and the owner is really creative. Well, maybe it's not DIY. If you were to look at this deco closely, it's actually made from Umbrella! The designer actually took away the "cloth",and left the "skeleton" of the umbrella. The rest is all on the designer's imagination.

There were live performances, jazz music, which could be the reason that kept many swayed their bodies, snapped their fingers...etc.

After that, we head on to search for the Rochor Taohway!

From Haji Lane, we passed by Bugis, to Cityhall, then to Paradiz Center... and I saw...Sophia Road. Okay...nothing special I guess.

Gina, busy snapping photographs...

Alvin and Xiuli...Hungry?

That's mine...

I'm waiting for more pics from Gina. We xchanged xmas presents, though its abit late, but the meaning was there.

Reached home around 5+ in the morning... The first thing that came to my mind was...MACDONALE BREAKFAST! Haiz...miss those days MAC Breakfast...

Monday, January 12, 2009

A gift from a friend

A good friend recently gave me something...

Can't sleep, so decided to browse through it...

This is so true...

Sometimes, I really think I cherish my friends more than they do... give in 100%...and expect 50% returns... to prevent disappointments...

Xiuli, thank you. I won't throw it away, will put it in my cupboard, most likely will read it every night before I sleep.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

One Week

Survived one week of school.

Walking out of the darkness I guessed. First few days was miserable, bracing through many barriers, with many asking the same question, "So how did you do for your exam? "

And the typical answer will be, "Okay-okay lo."

Many friends around, we talked, we joked, but I sometimes wonder was my joy developed from within? Or was it just another mask wore over my face.

There were some others who better understand me, tried to wake me up by acting as if nothing happen.

Ironically, so much so that I want to get out of this emo-ness, but sometimes I do wish to talk about it, but seems like there's no one I can turn to.

I hate to drink. But I thought drinking can forget my troubles, just like what I normally see on TV. However, I realised, drinking doesn't solve anything. The next day you wake up, it's back to normal again. How I wished I can sleep forever.

Am I climbing out of the well? Or did I miss a step and dropping back again?


Thursday, January 08, 2009

Cheers to her 23rd!

Celebrated Shuyi's 23rd Birthday @ her house, the 2nd celebration of the year, and she had cooked lots of home-made food for us. In the midst of the gaga over 小娘惹's drama, we were joking that we were going to have a "Tok Panjang" that night, and we would be dancing "ban dong", so here we go... "Tri La Li Ba Li Ba Ba..."

Food by Shuyi and Colleen...

Arrived late due to school, but with a surprised cake and some titbits!

Shuyi,Daniel and Myself... shuyi testing her different angles lah. LoL.

Dan and Me "QC-ing" the food...

With the birthday girl...

Before cutting the birthday cake, I was pulled down to play their Ass-Hole Daidee game, and being a weak liquor holder, I felt hot and red not long after...

Yah...after effects of alcohol, I'm allergic to it lah, so I normally swell up like a pufferfish, ahah...and need few days to de-swell...

Looking red and with fishball liked cheeks...

Colleen, Daniel and Me...

Some pics that were taken by Shuyi...

Totally "Concussed"...

Cheers to your 23rd, Shuyi!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Shocked of my life!

Just had a shocked of my life. Heart too weak...

Was having Math 3 lecture with this freshie from hall 14, Saychong, then on the way back, was offering some advice to him as a senior...then when I happily walked back to my room...and then I thought I should wake Sophia up... wanted to take my access card so I can go to her room...then I realised...

Something's missing! yes! my WALLET!

Still feeling quite calm..slowly walked back to Lecture Hall...then I walked, and I was thinking what's inside...started to panic, and started to activate my lazy legs, so I began to run, and run... thinking that some ah tiongs or ah nehs will take my wallet away...

When I reached the Lecture Hall...heng sai. Found it.

Phew. This is the 2nd time in 2009 I lost my important stuffs...

1st of January, 2009, I lost something on cab too...

Luckily Geraldine was with me on the cab, and she found it.

What a relief!

I guess 2009 is a very HENG year for me...haha, but SOH KIAN HUAT, please be more careful.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Shuyi's 23rd Birthday Dinner

While waiting for Daniel to pick me at my student's block... suddenly look around and stared blankly into space...

And began snapping photos around...

Tried to stand up again to face the music... time to stop escaping from reality, I guess.

How I wished my friend is here to lend me a helping hand... I guess this time had to face this my own, and learn to be more independent. Endure. God, I plead you to look after me, thanks.

We went to this place at piccadilly road, at Seletar East Camp, kudos to the birthday girl who planned all this, and Daniel for driving us around. Lost our way but Daniel was very patient. Ended up at this place, thought scenery was nice, so got down of the car to take a look. Hmm...a good place to Emo...

Nice and tranquil..away from the busy street and the fast-paced lifestyle...

5 of us reached there...and ate and talked like there's no tomorrow...
From left : Daniel, Myself, Shuyi, Kenneth, Weiliang.

Enjoyed the night with them... thanks for organising Shuyi. =)

Board the cab...everything seemed to transform back to normal. School reopening and I will be attending lecture in few hours time. But this time, I'm really afraid of school.

Stepped into hall, feeling differently.

Facing a four wall room, back to a frozen place.

How long is this going to end. Haiz.

Read Chew Chor Meng's motto for now : There will be another set of worries for tomorrow. For now, settle today, and don't think too much, life will be better.

Quite true, I hoped.

So no point worrying what will happen tml... I guess?

Closed my eyes. Shut your Laptop.


Saturday, January 03, 2009

Ready for next semester?

School reopening soon... next semester will be different, and expect new challenges... am I ready? I'm not too sure. But I can imagine myself biting my teeth hard and overcoming many obstacles...

Despite busy schedule, there are friends who go around spreading their warmth and love. I know I've been criticising your cupcakes...but deep in my heart, I really appreciate it. You know right, Sophia? Thanks for effort. You make my day.

Few days ago, Yixia asked me to watch this clip... make me chua tio abit, then smiled alittle... dunno wad to say though...lol.

Thanks for entertaining me...

That day was encouraging one friend who didnt do well for exams too, but still, better than me... I told her this...

" The most frightening monster is not failure, but not able to stand up after failure monster attacked"


But how come, it's always so easy to advise others, but so difficult to believe in myself?


Kevin, Stay strong.

Though hope is frail, its hard to kill.

Warm Greetings from far

Recieved a xmas card yesterday...

It may reached me late, but the sincerity can still be felt.

Thanks, SeeMan. =)

Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year 2009

Celebrated New Year with my Hall 14 friends... Jueyue's house.

I dunno what's with Ben's expression.

Meixian and Geraldine... dont ask me bout Geri's expression either.

Steamboat...Dennis and Ben

And not forgetting gambling...

Explaining the rules...

Still explaining..

Dennis was losing and kinda sianz.

And all the way till MORNING.

Geraldine and Clement.

They say this view very nice.

The big winner Darius.

Hall 14 people.

New year resolution? Shan't make any I guess. It doesn't happen, so why bother? I just hope god can be more lenient on me, and give me some luck pls.

I'm not smart, I have no brains, no looks, no money...

But I have heart... to warm the people around me.

2008 is really a bad year for me, nothing to look back, perhaps memories with my buddies. Those who had helped me in one way or another, I am very happy to be blessed that you guys were around.

2009... hope no one will despise me... I beg.