Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Chilling out on a Saturday Night

Blujaz Cafe at 11 Bali Lane. Taxi brought me to Haji Lane. Luckily Haji Lane is just infront of Bali Lane. Haiz, Singapore Taxis...CMI.

Went out with EX-citibank Colleagues, Gina, Xiuli, Serling, Alvin(where!?!??!>>>Somewhere.)

Though the music wasnt quite appealing to the ears, but I sort of enjoyed myself there. There's a moment that I actually felt that I was overseas, chilling out with friends, putting down our daily busy lifestyle, relaxing along the way.

The presence of the Caucasians sort of added to that "I'm on a holiday!" feeling too. I guess, such places are really excellent places for the white-collar workers. Maybe, many years later, I will be enjoying this kind of lifestyle too.

I really liked the ambience alot, and the owner is really creative. Well, maybe it's not DIY. If you were to look at this deco closely, it's actually made from Umbrella! The designer actually took away the "cloth",and left the "skeleton" of the umbrella. The rest is all on the designer's imagination.

There were live performances, jazz music, which could be the reason that kept many swayed their bodies, snapped their fingers...etc.

After that, we head on to search for the Rochor Taohway!

From Haji Lane, we passed by Bugis, to Cityhall, then to Paradiz Center... and I saw...Sophia Road. Okay...nothing special I guess.

Gina, busy snapping photographs...

Alvin and Xiuli...Hungry?

That's mine...

I'm waiting for more pics from Gina. We xchanged xmas presents, though its abit late, but the meaning was there.

Reached home around 5+ in the morning... The first thing that came to my mind was...MACDONALE BREAKFAST! Haiz...miss those days MAC Breakfast...

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