Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year 2009

Celebrated New Year with my Hall 14 friends... Jueyue's house.

I dunno what's with Ben's expression.

Meixian and Geraldine... dont ask me bout Geri's expression either.

Steamboat...Dennis and Ben

And not forgetting gambling...

Explaining the rules...

Still explaining..

Dennis was losing and kinda sianz.

And all the way till MORNING.

Geraldine and Clement.

They say this view very nice.

The big winner Darius.

Hall 14 people.

New year resolution? Shan't make any I guess. It doesn't happen, so why bother? I just hope god can be more lenient on me, and give me some luck pls.

I'm not smart, I have no brains, no looks, no money...

But I have heart... to warm the people around me.

2008 is really a bad year for me, nothing to look back, perhaps memories with my buddies. Those who had helped me in one way or another, I am very happy to be blessed that you guys were around.

2009... hope no one will despise me... I beg.

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