Sunday, January 11, 2009

One Week

Survived one week of school.

Walking out of the darkness I guessed. First few days was miserable, bracing through many barriers, with many asking the same question, "So how did you do for your exam? "

And the typical answer will be, "Okay-okay lo."

Many friends around, we talked, we joked, but I sometimes wonder was my joy developed from within? Or was it just another mask wore over my face.

There were some others who better understand me, tried to wake me up by acting as if nothing happen.

Ironically, so much so that I want to get out of this emo-ness, but sometimes I do wish to talk about it, but seems like there's no one I can turn to.

I hate to drink. But I thought drinking can forget my troubles, just like what I normally see on TV. However, I realised, drinking doesn't solve anything. The next day you wake up, it's back to normal again. How I wished I can sleep forever.

Am I climbing out of the well? Or did I miss a step and dropping back again?


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