Saturday, January 03, 2009

Ready for next semester?

School reopening soon... next semester will be different, and expect new challenges... am I ready? I'm not too sure. But I can imagine myself biting my teeth hard and overcoming many obstacles...

Despite busy schedule, there are friends who go around spreading their warmth and love. I know I've been criticising your cupcakes...but deep in my heart, I really appreciate it. You know right, Sophia? Thanks for effort. You make my day.

Few days ago, Yixia asked me to watch this clip... make me chua tio abit, then smiled alittle... dunno wad to say

Thanks for entertaining me...

That day was encouraging one friend who didnt do well for exams too, but still, better than me... I told her this...

" The most frightening monster is not failure, but not able to stand up after failure monster attacked"


But how come, it's always so easy to advise others, but so difficult to believe in myself?


Kevin, Stay strong.

Though hope is frail, its hard to kill.

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