Monday, January 05, 2009

Shuyi's 23rd Birthday Dinner

While waiting for Daniel to pick me at my student's block... suddenly look around and stared blankly into space...

And began snapping photos around...

Tried to stand up again to face the music... time to stop escaping from reality, I guess.

How I wished my friend is here to lend me a helping hand... I guess this time had to face this my own, and learn to be more independent. Endure. God, I plead you to look after me, thanks.

We went to this place at piccadilly road, at Seletar East Camp, kudos to the birthday girl who planned all this, and Daniel for driving us around. Lost our way but Daniel was very patient. Ended up at this place, thought scenery was nice, so got down of the car to take a look. Hmm...a good place to Emo...

Nice and tranquil..away from the busy street and the fast-paced lifestyle...

5 of us reached there...and ate and talked like there's no tomorrow...
From left : Daniel, Myself, Shuyi, Kenneth, Weiliang.

Enjoyed the night with them... thanks for organising Shuyi. =)

Board the cab...everything seemed to transform back to normal. School reopening and I will be attending lecture in few hours time. But this time, I'm really afraid of school.

Stepped into hall, feeling differently.

Facing a four wall room, back to a frozen place.

How long is this going to end. Haiz.

Read Chew Chor Meng's motto for now : There will be another set of worries for tomorrow. For now, settle today, and don't think too much, life will be better.

Quite true, I hoped.

So no point worrying what will happen tml... I guess?

Closed my eyes. Shut your Laptop.


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