Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's day special!

Yes, time now is 8 mins to 5am, I should be sleeping, but I'm rushing my lab report, giving myself a small break, so sneak to here to blog...haha.

Hall 14 celebrated Valentine's day today, more photos to be up later, cos I forget to bring my digicam...haha...

At around 1am just now, the Hall 14 Freshmen Camp Committee hunks(haha...abit buayhiaobye to call myself a hunk>>> KK, i mean the others...)

Myself, Chunhern, Dennis, Joseph, Clement, Darius(He's da BOSSSS)

Haha, decided to give the only girl, Serena, in our committee, a Valentine's day surprise!

The Vice-chair cum Secretary cum the only lady of the committee, Serena!

The funky top 7!

Introducing the top 7 of Hall 14 FOC 2009!
From left:
Clement (CGL-in-charged)
Chunhern(Logistic officer)
Serena(ViceChair cum Hon Gen)
Dennis (Chief Programmer)
Joseph(Special Projects Officer)
Kevin Soh(Financial Secretary)

Working hand in hand, fight till the end!

FOC 2009... overcome all odds!

Happy Valentine's Day to all!

K...back to report!

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