Sunday, March 22, 2009

23rd Birthday Celebration for Suhui and Ferry at Icon Village Tanjong Pagar Sakae Sushi

I'm so tired of NTU E-lecture system, they should just scrape the E-lecture!

Well, anyway, celebrated Suhui's and Ferry's 23rd Birthday at ICON village, Tanjong Pagar Sakae Sushi last Saturday...long time no see, 八仙!

Alrights, it's not Daniel's birthday...

My amkss Math teacher, Ms Ng Kae Peng commented on Facebook that Daniel and Mindy look alike... haha, cos of their "BIG" eyes?

Sakae buffet! Cheap! Good Value! $15.90++ for students!!!

After buffet, we could not filled our stomachs with anymore food, so we chatted and camwhore outside... there's this very comfortable sofa around...
Sharmen, Daniel, Chinran

Ferry wasn't around with us for his 21st this crumpler was a make-up 21st gift for him lah...look, he's so happy. Haha.

Coincidentally, Suhui went to Washington for exchange during her 21st birthday, so we also did a make up for her too...

The 六仙 with the birthday boy and girl...

And we always complain it's so hard to take a full group picture...
八仙归位! hahahha!

Not forgetting to introduce to you guys...the pretty babes from 八仙,Mindy and Suhui...

Eh okay lah, *roll eyes* AND ONE MORE... Shuting. HAHAHHA!
Joking lah, cause we always make fun of each other.
She's my good buddy lah, take malay elective also take together leh... how can forget you man.
Haha... pretty lah, she finally took out her braces.
But guys, too bad, they are all taken! HAHA!

八仙 flies! Haha, you know...its so hard to take this pic with self timer... especially there's 8 of us!
People who know me...hahah... you shuld know I'm always so keen to take Jump shots, so paisay lah...

Look at the number of jump shots I have taken so far...haha!

And thanks to Ferry...I got another jump shot to add into my series...

That's the best group photo we've ever taken!!!

All the best for all your exams and FYPs!

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