Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm so glad to be home.

So glad to be home.

This week had been travelling here and there, home is so much of a comfort.

Mum's sick, also good that I'm around lah.

But when I'm home, I tend to Youtube-ing... tudou-ing... and searching for more sponsors for FOC event. Haha.

Manage to clinch 2 more deals this week, spectacle hut and de-character make over studio. I think really is 职业病, even though I've already UPGRADED, not UPSIZE, yes, upgraded to Fin Sect, I'm still looking for sponsors. Haha... can't jump out of it. I'm thinking of setting up an online business soon during my hols, more details to be up. =)

Ironically, I've been complaining bout the amount of work in school, amount of stress I'm coping, but it often brings me lots of satisfaction after clinching a deal. Maybe that's the only thing that I can prove to myself that I'm worthwhile? Haha.

Anyway, back to topic. It's so good to be at home.

Away from school, away from stress, back to my own world, having my own space. Taking down my mask, taking down my smile.

Sometimes in school, i feel so detached from the rest, maybe of our differences in academic achievements.

So this week, decided to come back home too, to give myself a break, exams coming, everyone's talking bout GPA, GPA and more GPA, I guess I need somewhere to hide away from all these.

Today, I was actually thinking if I should stay in hall next semester.

Hmm... still deciding.


Whatever it is, so glad to be home.

Also like the feeling of sitting in the bus, looking out of the window...reflecting.

Guess I should cut this emo post.

Okay la, 久久一次.

My GV17 music elective test coming up, I heard from Clement that this time will be singing in auditorium. Kind of nervous lah. Initially thought I will be singing "Memory", but got limited slots. People like Yanpei and me, who's not so academic ambitious, was abit slower than others...

so in the end we got this song titled "Try to remember"

The bonus points are lower, but okay lah, easier to sing.

Was practising this song...and searching for youtube... I found 2 versions...

Leon Lai version :

and the Classical Version :

Though I think my instructor will prefer the latter, but I prefer the formal. More my style lah.


But really enjoyed GV17 classes. It's the only module that I can discover myself, and stress-free. =)

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