Friday, March 20, 2009

JunCong's and Tiensoon's 23rd Birthday Celebration at Sunset Way Fortune Cuisine

Went to Sunset Way Fortune Cuisine with TienSoon and Juncong, to celebrate their Big 23! Jeremy couldnt come last minute due to some family matters. Hope everything is alright for you man!

Juncong enjoying his food.

Our steamboat! This fortune cuisine at Clementi, Sunset way is a buffet steamboat and bbq restaurant. They serve ice cream and japanese/chinese food too. For NTU/NUS students, it's only $17.80++!!! (Original $23.00++)

Tien Soon and myself, he's my ex-roomie!

Juncong, well, if you are bored over the weekend, call Juncong, cause his jokes can entertain you for long! I can't stop laughing when starts talking! Hhaha.

Happy Belated Birthday !!!!!

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