Saturday, March 07, 2009

NTU tragic

Not another tragic... and is moving nearer and nearer to my hall...

Mother walked into my room today and said, "要想开一点,没有 A 不用紧, okay? "

Few days ago...while I was taking taxi, the uncle and me had such a conversation....

Taxi Uncle: “小弟,去哪里?”

Kevin : "Eh..NTU, go by Jalan Bahar, thanks. "

Taxi Uncle: "ORHHHH...NTU ah, 小弟,你们要看开一点,NTU ah... got BIG NEWS RIGHT!"

Kevin : (Awkward) "Ahhh... ya... " (Pretends to sleep)

But Mummy and Uncle...not so easy "看开一点" , so much stress in school...haiz.

What I must agree is... many times, you wouldn't detect one who has suicidal problems, when one has depression, he will normally engage in his own world... Friends are very important, thankfully, I have good friends like Justin, Songwei, Pris and Sophia who helped me through my difficult timees. Haiz... stop these emo-ness.

Anyway, was reading someone's entry about David Hartanto Widjaja's case, seems to have many loopholes.... up to you to judge lah...

David Hartanto Widjaja Death Mystery

Some even think these 2 cases are linked... go read it on Straits Times Forum...

Well, guess I shouldn't talk so much here, afterall, Singapore is so democratic and promote freedom of speech...AYE... right?

Scared later I kena charge ah, then you will see headlines...

"Not Again NTU! 2 Dead, 1 Jailed"

Better zip my mouth up.

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