Monday, March 16, 2009

NTU very own 红星大奖. Eh... ?

I had post this in NTU HALL 14 blog before, hahha...thought quite interesting to share with others here! LoL!

Recently, mediacorp has been promoting its 红星大奖,NTU hall 14 also cannot loogie, we have our very own Dua Bao 大讲。 So who are those nominated?!

Presenting to you NTU HALL 14 阿哥! We don't have Tay PingHui(郑斌辉), but we have Tay Peng Hui, we don't have Lee Nan Xing(李南星), we have Kan Xing Xing(看星星), we don't have Qi Yu Wu(戚玉武), but we have Qu Tiao Wu(去跳舞)...

The Nominees with their 代表作品。

(NTU peepz, haha...this video is slightly different from the one you saw, HAHAH!)

And...the nominees are....

Clement Lam

代表作品:FOC 2009

Mr Ping Piang Says...
As the senior in the camp... he sacrificed himself, so as to demonstrate to his fellow freshies how to sing Forever Love. Even though was not his forfeit...but he sang it out with feelings and emotion... 不错不错,有感动到我。 But whether is he singing for fun...or for real...ehh...Mr Ping Pong Piang dunno lah. But his effort during FOC 2009, can be seen and who knows...maybe he's a 黑马。。。

Dennis Song

代表作品: 小姐,teh o 一杯。

Mr Ping Pong Piang Says...

He succeeded in his "Ah Tiong's" Accent. Definitely will moved China to tears, even the Great Wall will fall. Especially when the China Workers felt the pain, in coming to Singapore to work. Not easy to pick up this role. As a guy, Dennis captured the real shadow of a lady, not only a lady, but a------ AH TIONG LADY. Power. He has proven to us his real acting skills. Keep up the good work, high chance.

Desmond Tan

代表作品: HO Opening - 大印度

Mr Ping Pong Piang Says...
She...I mean He... will have a close fight with Dennis Song. Not only did he act as a lady, but, INDIAN LADY. WITH COSTUME SOMEMORE. And for his debut show, he straight away jump to the RA screen. Daring. She, I mean He... has proven to us that 胖,是没有错的。 The bollywood spirits in him...can be seen. Maybe give him a tree, he would have gone further, and maybe even pounced on the audience. I will say...close fight with Dennis Song.After Singapore very own Mediacorp come up with their highly rated 小娘惹, Desmond may become the next 阿姐,I mean 阿哥 with his 大印度. Applaud for his courage!! Good Job Desmond!

Poon Kee Chun

代表作品: FOC 2009

Mr Ping Pong Piang says...
The most junior out of the four. lose liao. Nothing to fight. But still...i must say... nice try. =)

Haha.... play play only lah.


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