Monday, March 16, 2009

Omy 部落Y格斗 The Y Bloggist contest!

I've taken part in 部落Y格斗 The Y Bloggist!!!!

Haha, had submitted my entry!
Wooo hOoo!

我年轻,所以 我可以 "orh peh gong" , (ding! Hokkien: 乱乱讲)。I can used 比较 hipped 的方式去写我的 blog! 谁说 blog 一定是单单写字罢了?就因为我年轻我可以 mixed with Videos, and bring out the "hippness" in my blog. Because I'm young, I have to incorporate with the latest trends in my entries to satisfy my forever young readers. One of my entries about my NTU Hall life was written with the mixture of star awards, in order to create some humour in my entries! As we are young, we have to be creative, and constantly think of ways to be unique, and different. My 2nd entry was written to introduce to my readers the websites I have been visiting. These websites ranges from jobs, special "lobangs" in Singapore, video streaming websites, and online spree, so as to let those teens and my readers to spend their time more wisely.

The link is up! Look towards your right and click on the image!

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If I win we share the prize . HAHAHHAHAHAH.



Anonymous said...

just a random muse: i thought orh peh gong 黑白讲 means the talk about ghosts and the supernatural?

kevinskh said...

Haha, no lah, orh peh gong means anyhow say. U can't directly translate, it's just like you can't directly translate eng to chi and vice versa.

Yups ;)

Hope it helps!