Thursday, March 12, 2009


This morning I woke up, I saw a pool of red colour liquid opposite my void deck. Was wondering if it's blood. But people who walk around seems pretty normal, some never even bother. But it's really a POOL OF BLOOD. So I didn't give a damn, was thinking maybe someone spilled chicken's or pig's blood.

Before I left my house, I was still thinking if someone had suicide the day before. Then was thinking should be quite rubbish lah, never see any ambulance, or hear anything loud leh. (Yest I stay up thru out the night)

Tonight I came home, I told my Mother about what I saw, then I say very stupid leh, someone spill pig's blood , scarly someone kena stabbed! Gang fight! Hahah!

Then Mother's face turned serious. I still can remember "that face" . She said,

"哪里?! 你在哪里看到血?! "


Then I was unpacking my food...


Freezed. Eerie. Spooky.

Mother said yesterday while I was tu-douing, with my headphones on, there was a very loud thud with breaking of the glasses sound. She also heard ambulance. But she dared not to look and don't dare to tell me. She don't dare to utter anything.

No wonder yesterday night she came to the living room to sleep.

I'm really deaf lah, never hear anything.

Don't know if I made the correct choice to come home ah, I was still talking about life pretty hard sometime, and jokingly told her maybe I should find a building and jump down, then moments later, a real suicide case happen just opposite my block.

Okay lah, at least I came back to keep my Mother accompany lah. Imagine I were not around, she must be very frightened sia.

Haiz, still intend to jog tonight, now maybe I should think twice.

Cos I just saw a lady standing at the suicide spot looking at the moon.

Dunno is it human or some other thingy, I faster walk back to my room.

Why is there so many suicidal case around!!!

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