Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Singapore Undergrads will work for free... ?!

Was stunted to see this article on Strait Times today.

Quoted from Strait Times online...

"FACED with an increasingly tight job market, undergraduates here are lowering their expectations and saying 'yes' to unpaid internships in a bid to land a good job. "

HARLOW!?!! You sure anot? I'm not willing hor, sorry.

"Nanyang Technological University (NTU) undergraduate Esther Lim, 23, who studies accountancy, said: 'The job could be an entry point for me to get a permanent place in a good company. Besides, it would look good on my resume."

Come on, don't be an asshole. @!#@!#!@#!@

If any company were to hire me for internship, and ask me to work for free, I will make sure I let the boss go eat shit.

In this world... MONEY IS EVERYTHING!

So don't be stupid, even the banglas are earning better than us? You seriously must be joking.

What has this world turning into?

So... one day, I may get to read this...

Undergrads finding 2nd Income (look at the picture below)

Then we will be dancing our way to sell backsides.

Thanks man, SINGAPORE, this is the way a "world class" country treat her citizens.


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