Saturday, March 14, 2009

Thank You

Okay, going to sleep.

Before I sleep, reflect upon my actions...

read this article today, someone said that she felt very sorry towards this friend of hers, because many times her friend will care for her by sms-ing her, but she was so busy that she just sms a very cold "thanks" . Then sometimes her friend will ask her out but she's always very busy. But when she needed her friend's help, her friend will always be there for her.

But her friend got involved in a fatal car accident and died.

She regretted for treating her friend negatively, and so coldly.

Ever since that incident, she always want to apologise to her friend, and even hope that there will be a key to heaven.

Just want to extend a very big thank you to many who care for me and for those whom I have neglected, just want to apologise, but in my heart, I am always very thankful, to you guys.

I don't have to mention names,but you guys know who you are. That include those who msg me recently to check on me. I'm very touched by you guys, but I never show it out lah. Especially I don't have to approach you, but some of you will send your warmth right infront to me.

I know you guys are showing concern lah, maybe sometimes too much of my "Hahahah" or "heheheh" on msn will turn you off, but I seriously don't know how to react when I see typical questions like, "Eh, you okay?" , or "Hey, what happen? " Not that I don't want to share, but in the past I have bothered my good friends too much, so much so that I think I portrayed a sign of weakness infront of all of them. So, now I'm trying my best to solve my problems on my own, this few months, I've mastered the technique of leaving in my own world, and try to deal with life in a more positive manner. Afterall, no one can help me, I'm the only key to my problems right?

I'm trying my best to cope with life,not fully yet, but I will reduce my emo posts online, so that it won't affect you guys too... haha. Life pretty hard sometimes, but as the saying goes, tough times don't last, tough man do, right?

Once again...

Thank you.

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