Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Toast to the coming NTU exams and Chun Hern's 23rd Birthday Celebration @ Jurong Point Delifrance

Went out with Hall 14 guys to celebrate ChunHern's 23rd Birthday! Was a belated celebration!

Hall 14 kakis chatting, catching up with one another...

And Darius's suggestion of Speed Dating...who's the guy and who's the girl?

Chun Hern's Birthday... "CAKE"

We can be so creative with anything...

帅吗? Hha!

Joan, Daphne(My Shunfu kaki) and HanIp(My schoolmate from Westlake Primary...haha...long long ago...)

And we won't forget our dearest 家乡面... myself,Clement,Geraldine and Daphne

All the best for the exams guys!

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