Sunday, March 15, 2009

Top 10 websites for a boring weekend! Check this out!

Introducing...the top 10 sites, recommended by!

Feeling bored? Relax, let the following websites entertain you!Forget about xiaxue, dawn yang, steven lim, kenny sia, ieatishootipost and bla bla bla... let the new generation bloggers brings you more! It ranges from infomative websites to sprees, and from jobs lobangs to movies!

In the 10th position...we have...

Times of My Life
Times of my life brings us back to the older days of Singapore, and guess many who were born in the 70's and 80's will have many memories back. Reminiscing these familiar pagers, big brother, and not forgetting our favourite tcs to mediacorp, doesn't it brings us back to many sweet and bitter memories? This suits best in a lazy afternoon...with a cup of warm coffee...woo hoo!

Presenting to you the 9th position...we have...

Hall 14 FOC 2009
To those freshies who want to know more about NTU hostel life?! Hall14foc2009 brings you updates of the latest happenings of Hall of Residence Freshmen Orientation Camp, the behind the scenes, and also the actual event! Check out the special deals by their sponsors, such as nutrition park, spectacle hut, dove and etc. Still considering whether you should join Hall camps? Let Hall14foc2009 delivers you the answer!

Coming up in the 8th position...we have...
Thinking of what gifts to give to your loved ones? Trying to make it special and unique? One and only? Then let Printeet helps you solve all your problems! I have personally tried their service, and I can tell you, their service is ups! Fast and efficient. Also help to clarify my doubts in a friendly email. The quality of their product, not bad I can say, and I believe your loved one will like it alot. What are you waiting for? Visit Printeet now!

Next, in the 7th position...we have...

Want to start giving tuition? But no idea how to go about doing it? Well, then maybe I will recommend you What I like about this site is that on top of the list of tuition assignments available, it also allows users to view the assignments in Singapore Map format. Thus, it's very user-friendly as I'm able to view any assignments near my place. Give it a try!

Alright hang on...we are already in the 6th position...

Asukaworld brings you the latest reviews on dramas and movies available in the market! Not only that, users can also view the latest drama and listen to the latest music on Asukaworld as well. Not familiar with the songs? Can't sing along? Fred not, Asukaworld also delivers music lyrics to the users, so users can sing it out loud infront of their laptop/com! Asukaworld will definitely accompany you through the slow hour in the boring afternoon with ease!

Climbing to the 5th position...

Lazy to go out? Or no one ask you out over the weekends? Let helps you to shop online! A website featuring guys' clothes mainly from Korea. It also features bags from Japan and Korea as well. Personally have not tried buying stuffs from this site, felt that was abit expensive though. But guess will definitely suits those metrosexual who wants abit of korea dressing sense on them. If you want to stand out different from the crowd, away from Topman, Giodarno, G2000, etc... then is the answer for you!

On the way to top 3... =) In the 4th position, we have...

Mysoju features all the latest drama and movies from Hongkong/Japan/Korea/Taiwan. Complaining that Youtube and tudou aren't loading fast enough? Then is the alternative. What else, also brings taiwan drama with english subtitles! So for those who are "handicapped" in chinese, you know where to go to now! ;)

And now... featuring the top 3 websites!!!!

In the 3rd position...
My favourite online shop so far. Sorry ladies, another online shop for the guys. Haha. As the name suggests, provides information and photos to guys who have trouble matching what to wear everyday. If you like Topman clothes, then I will recommend to you, because the prices are relatively cheaper!!! This website brings you different collection almost everyweek, and mind you, the clothes are normally gone in 1 or 2 days! So you gotta be quick! What are you waiting for? Check it out now!

Bringing you the 2nd position...we have...

No money to buy clothes? Don't like to watch drama? Alright, then you should get a life, go find a JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dailyjobhuntsingapore is your solution! This site brings you the latest part-time jobs around Singapore daily. I found my 3rd part-time job as a usher in National Museum through Dailyjobhuntsingapore as well! But recently, the blogger seems quite busy with his exams and projects in school, so for those who are eager to find jobs, you got to be alittle patient. ;)

Alrights...finally...yes...finally...the 1st website that is worth the wait goes to...*drum rolls*

Economic crisis? No jobs? Depression? Or kena retrenched? No money? Don't worry, tualobang got the bestest lobang around Singapore! All the cheapest deals, bargains can all be found in Coupons, vouchers, just print it out from this site, and bring it to the nearest outlet near you! You can save a bomb especially in this difficult times! Definitely suits kiasu Singaporeans like us, don't have to queue up, and we get good stuffs! What are you waiting for ?! CHIONG! Free food, cheap clothes, good deals chiong and chiong!

All rights! Hope you have a interesting weekend with these top 10 websites accompanying you! Oh...anyway, I don't get commission for advertising these websites lah, just want to bring and share more with you guys!



Dionis said...

Hey Kevin,

Thank you for kind words. :) Looking forward to working with you again!

Dionis on behalf of

kevinskh said...

Haha, no probs!


Tua Tau said...

thanks for recommending out site! Hope more folks will come visit us and share lobangs at tualobang!

Let us know how we can work in future!


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