Wednesday, April 22, 2009

American Scientist predicted Solar Storm on 22/9/2012?! 90 seconds of darkness + disasters?!

Source from OMY NEWS

Read this on Omy news...

Are we dying?! Hmm...2 days from my birthday, alrights. EVERYONE! Don't need to study for exams lo!!! But since it's predicted by Scientist... hmmm? Well... keep my fingers crossed then.

So its another predictions... how true it is this time?

22 September 2012, Solar storm will hit Earth, with millions of people affected, bringing mass destruction to Earth. There will be 90 seconds where we will experience total darkness. On 22 September 2012 , 12 Midnight, citizens of New York will see sparkles of colourful lights in the sky...which will brighten up the entire sky, and following that in complete darkness in all parts of the world. The solar storm will create strong magnetism reactions, which will cut off electricity in all parts of the world, and bring up great castastrophic events.

Well... heck lah, but if that day really comes... and everyone is dying...please bring me along too,I do not want to live in this world on my own!!!

All rights...exam stressed...stressed...STRESSSSSSSSSSSED!!

Tml...i mean later...4th paper! sHIOng... i still dunno wad am I studying..SIAO LIAOS.

Let me rant again... EXAM SUX BIG TIME!

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