Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Exam Mode. Ready, GO!

Going into EXAM MODE!!!!! Exams coming next weeeeeeeeeeeek...argHHhHHh!!!

Songwei, Priscilla, Sophia...long time no see!!! Hahahha... all the best to your exams!!! Saw each other today ... cos of Kiat Chay's and Jieying's birthday celebration...

The Hydrus Family.

Pris and myself... she wrote essay until this morning, pls get some rest !!!!

Soph and Pris... Soph also rushed her essay and didn't sleep last night!!! Pls get more rest! Haha... and hope your cramps go away asap... I help you chant.. na mo na mo na mo hom! Haha... the apple pies...from me. Hehehe!

Long time no see... Justin will be back in around 2 months time!

YoOO Hoo! Then we shall go for a feast! Can't wait for the day to come!!!

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